Floating Through the Temple (And Tokyo Workshop Details)

Tokyo Workshop Details

Everyone that subscribed to the free newsletter got early notice of this, and now everyone can see at on the weekend Tokyo Workshop page. It should have all the info you need, in case you live there or are looking for an excuse to pop over to Japan in the Spring!

Maybe I Won’t Go to London!

Well, of course I still will, but this article entitled “Photographers to lose copyright and right to photograph in public” gave me pause. What’s going on? If bureaucrats make these kind of decisions, it makes you wonder about all their decisions, eh? Of course, as a die-hard Libertarian, I’ve been saying this sort of thing for years….

Daily Photo – Floating Through the Temple

While in the north of India, I visited this Hindu temple. It was beautiful and decadent inside. I can’t even imagine what it used to look like back in the day. The walls supposedly had inlaid jewels and other precious stones. Despite time, it is still impressive.

I had set up for a normal multi-exposure shot, but then this Muslim woman came floating through the room, so I quickly made some adjustments and grabbed a quick single-exposure HDR.

Floating Through the Temple

Photo Information

  • Date Taken2018-01-04 18:26:34
  • Camera
  • Camera Make
  • Exposure Time
  • Aperturef/4
  • ISO200
  • Focal Length10mm (15mm in 35mm)
  • Flashflash did not fire
  • Exposure Programaperture priority
  • Exposure Bias

  • Great dynamic range for just a single exposure! One quick question: How come you didn’t take another underexposed shot right after and mask that in so that the outside would have detail?

  • Trey,

    Perhaps you should take a look at this link for reassurance:




  • Oh, really nice photo by the way.The glowing doorway at the back is great!

  • Beautiful. I love the glowing light from the entrances

  • Nathan, i thing you are missing the point. Us UK photographers are going to get screwed over by the emerging Digital Economy Bill as potentially we could lose our copyright!!!

    This is serious!

    This is terryfing for us UK photographers.

    Sorry to hijack your blog Trey but desperate times call for desperate measures

    UK photographers Stand up for your copyright and write to your local MP.

    A template letter can be found here:


    With a general election looming more than ever local MPs are going to listen to their constituents, so your objection could make a difference!

    Trey, I don’t suppose you could do a dedicated page for this? If this Bill is passed in the UK, then who knows what other countries could take similar steps!


  • casusan

    Super shot – I think I remember one like this before? Or maybe it was just similar! You go such interesting places!

  • Richard

    Beautiful.. Trey, wondering why you didn’t just do your 5 shots and then mask in the lady? BTW, your shots have a real richness to the color. Can you briefly explain how you go about getting such rich tones?? My colors usually look garish.. Help!… :O

  • Bet that was a beautiful temple in it’s original state, Trey. Great photo, love your descriptions!!! Thanks for sharing and hope things don’t get that drastic in London!!! What’s next???? Craziness, like here!

  • P.S. That Pacific Rim is getting very active, Los Angeles was hit with a 4.4 quake this morning. I’ve noticed several the last few days in my daily earthquake notice on my yahoo homepage. Scary for those who live along that fault. Japan had a 6.6 just a couple of days ago!!

  • Switz213

    Is this in the HDR book? I’ve definitely seen this before.

  • Umair

    Awesome picture. Love how the detail on the walls comes out.
    Just one thing though, Are you sure this is a Hindu Temple?
    The architecture is definitely Mughal (some time between the late 17th and mid 19th century)
    Plus the fact that a Muslim woman is floating through it sort of makes me think its either part of a Muslim tomb or part of a mosque 🙂

  • Thanks all.

    Switz213 – Yes this is in the HDR book – good eye !

    Deron – I could have done that, but I like how it is blown out – Renoir said, and I agree, that every work should have a bit of mystery. It’s more interesting to think about what is back there than what actually is!

  • Great photo! Is it just me or is she doing the Dr. Evil pinky pose for the camera?? :}

  • Matt, thank you for publicising this grave problem on the horizon of britian.

    please write to your relative Mps

  • Love the colors and the lone person.

  • AA

    Please name this temple. Doesn’t seem like a Hindu temple to me but I’ll stand corrected if you could provide the detail. Thank you.

  • Thanks all – this is actually a Mughal temple — I say hindu just because the hindus have “adopted” it, like so many other mughal buildings.

  • please visit this site islamic detail

  • Very interesting shoot.Nice depth and colours..Any special model u used?

  • Hi,

    This is almost certainly a mosque, and not a Hindu temple (the only reason I say “almost certainly” is because I wasn’t there when you took the picture).

    1. The architecture looks Mughal (the Mughals were Muslims), not that of a Hindu temple of any era.

    2. A Muslim woman is highly unlikely to go to a Hindu temple.

    3. There is one very famous mausoleum (the Taj Mahal) in Agra, but no famous Hindu temples that I can think of.

    Not sure what you mean by ‘hindus have “adopted” it’. If you mean that Hindus also visit it in large numbers, then sure, that’s nothing extraordinary in India–everybody visits everybody else’s places of worship if the place is famous enough.

  • Oh, btw, great picture :-).

  • Vin

    Well The Taj Mahal itself was Tejo Mahal( Shiva Temple) that was ussuroed by Mughals. This has been proved by a famous British Scholar P.N Oak.. for more see

    Muslim Invaders were barbarians and had following major pass times

    1. Spreading Islam by Sword
    2. Making huge buildings to satisfy their barbaric pea sized brains full of ego
    3. Break Temples and Kill Buddhist/Hindu Monks as in Nalanda/Somnath

    Thank goodness that Muslims never ruled India in its entirity and had to forge ties with strong Hindu kings to maintain their empires, else they would have proselytized the whole Vedic region to that of Goat head barbaric religion.

  • Vin

    The Mughal emperor Babur built the Ayodhya Babari Masjid, its now proved by ASI(Archaelogical Survey of India) that its built on top of a Temple… It even used Pillars of the demolished temple that had inscriptions of Hindu Dieties and Gods…

    What a Shame on part of these Barbaric Invaders that they only had to build a Mosque by destroying a Temple :)….Shame

  • Ritwick

    This is a muslim mosque and not a Hindu temple. Being an Indian and a Hindu I can guarantee you that. But having said that the photo is awesome and have learnt a lot from you.

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