The Rapture

Live on Leo Laporte’s SXSW Broadcast!

The night started out over at the Austin American Statesman Social Media Awards. I was a winner and got a cool little trophy – you can see it in the video below! While there, I met a bunch of interesting people… I’m always impressed at what a hub of social media Austin has become.

I was between parties and walking down the 6th street when along came Leo Laporte and his huge entourage.  Leo has a big battery pack on his back, a camera, and a light.  He carries around the contraption and broadcasts everything live to thousands of people on

To get a good view of his setup, AND to see how HUGE SXSW is here in Austin, see this amazing video of Leo crowd-surfing at the Diggnation event! He was live streaming the entire crowdsurfing event to thousands of people all over the world… very cool!

Anyway, I was walking down the street – and I said, “Hi Leo!”.  He didn’t know who I was at first, but then, after talking to me for a bit, he remembered.  I told him that I was, indeed, quite forgettable, and I certainly took no offense.

The group was Leo, Robert Scoble, Jeff Jarvis, Dane Golden, and a whole bunch of other people, including a small contingent from Rackspace. That first picture there on the right is of me, Robert Scoble and Leo Laporte.  Anyway, we geeked out for a few minutes talking about HDR Photography… he mentioned this website, which then caused a crash when the TWIT Army attacked it.  As you can tell, Leo could not have been nicer… a very cool guy.

After our little talk, they started talking a bit about SmugMug and Chris Makaskill — if interested in finding out more, see my “How to Make an Online Photo Album” here on the site.

Weird Things

One of the people I met tonight was Justin Robert Young, who has a show on the TWIT network, and runs a website called “Weird Things” with my friend Andrew Mayne (who Twitter-duced me to Justin). Be sure to check out their website if you’d like to see some cool and unexpected stuff!

Even better, he invited me along and then got me right into the Mashable Party, which had a line halfway around the block!

Daily Photo – The Rapture

The drive to Milford Sound is probably the prettiest in the world.  The landscapes were just outrageous.  It’s a 2-hour drive, but it took me about 5!

Along the way, the clouds and sun were doing some crazy things.  I drove down to the beach to grab this scene, just at the perfect time.

  • bob


  • Wow, I agree with bob, powerful photo of the sound. Love the way the sun’s rays are coming down through the dark clouds, with the mountains in the background, and the broiling slightly sea. Great capture, Trey. Sounds like you had quite a drive to this spot, probably a lot of photo stops, also? Or was it storming? Anyway, thanks for sharing with us and taking us to places we can’t go!!!!

  • I love the light coming through the clouds. Nice photo.

  • Beautiful. Perfect timing.

  • Great capture. I read somewhere that some photographers refer to this as “God lighting”. It does remind me of Monty Python and God speaking from the clouds. Anyways. Love the blues and yellows.

  • One of my all time favourite pics from you Trey. Just beautiful.

  • casusan

    Oh wow! Awesome shot Trey – love it – instant wallpaper!

  • Thanks everyone — Chad – God Lightning – I like it! 🙂

    Gail – yes – about 40 stops !! There was a storm there – mostly over the ocean, but we got intermittent rain too.

  • David Smith

    Trey have you seen the 26gigapixel paris shot?

    Best Regards,
    David Smith

  • @David Smith – wow that is sure cool in the full screen HD mode!

  • Hi Trey,

    I just happened to be watching Leo’s stream last night as he was leaving Six Lounge and making his way over to Buffalo Billiards (Mashable) and then he walked up on you and I thought “Hey, that’s Trey!” I found it humorous how he was stumbling through sorting out who you were, and you were oh so humble about the whole thing. Well done. You’re right, Leo is a very nice guy.

    — Mike

  • Jon

    Instant fave! Great treatment on the on sky

  • Amazing shot! Milford Sound is one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand. If you ever return sans family (or when the little ones are bigger) I HIGHLY recommend doing the Milford Trek. It was the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had. The country is surreal. Just hope you have good weather while there! My girlfriend and I hit terrible weather while on the Sound itself and were unable to even see Mitre Peak :{ Keep up the good work!


  • Excellent shot!
    I love dramatic skies.

  • Great capture . . good processing!

  • Jeremy – I’d love to do the Milford Trek – I’ll do that one without the kids.. !

  • Jesse

    is it a single shot Trey? or is the water masked back into the Processed HDR? Great Shot!

  • Amazing shot reminds me of what the beach really looks like

  • Thanks all – Jesse – this is a 5-exposure shot

  • Gorgeous shot Trey! That dude interviewing you was a total tool. He really liked to hear himself talk. Glad you are a cool cucumber about him cutting you off every other second.

  • wohooo!!!..mother of ROL..ray of light in High Dynamic

  • hehe thanks all

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