The Overgrown Crypt

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Daily Photo – The Overgrown Crypt

Here is another shot from La Recoleta cemetery in Argentina. Every crypt seemed to have its own story… I wish I could have heard the tales of each one. But, on the plus side, I did have my over-active imagination to fill in the blanks.

All of my shots from La Recoleta (click on the “Buenos Aires” tag here in the post to see the others) were handheld because my tripod was lost with the rest of my luggage. Usually, I never check my tripod for just that very reason! I just don’t really trust those people… And I’ve never had a problem bringing it on the plane except for one time when a busy-body security lady told me it was 1-inch too long. 1 inch!

  • Okay, I’ll bite. What is the tiny door for?

  • Have to say this is my favourite cemetary, though the one in Guayquil is also beautiful. As always, outstanding photos!!! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  • William

    Chris, you beat me to it. What’s with the tiny door?

  • Nice photo, just not my favorite subject. Yeah, what is with that tiny door,lol. Great job, Trey. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Not the place I would want to be for photos, but this turned out great.

  • casusan

    Oh wow – love the overgrowth – makes it look mysterious! I can’t figure out that door either!

  • Richard

    Love the dark tones on the crypt in the foreground… really rich. I imagine it would fire the imagination wandering around in there.. cool…:)

  • Thanks

    William – I don’t know – all these doors were locked… I wish I had a skeleton key!

  • Hi!
    Great look. I would have prefered more room around the tomb. More wide angle approach, less cut off.

    The door you find on most crypts: it is not just one person burried there. They get reused every so often. And do you want to tear up the roof for that?

  • Billy White


    just today processed some of my shots from a business trip to BA two years ago (single shot HDR) – some were from this cemetery -I would like to share them – what is the best way? just finished reading your book – loved the Taj picture – unfortunately all of my Taj shoots are inside – my wife and I are going to BA in April – I hope to do HDR within the cemetery


  • I like the textures . . . the paving stones and the fascia of the mausolea to the right of the picture (“PAX” is one word for what goes on in there, I guess!).


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