The Tolkienesque Bridge – and the Texas Social Media awards

Statesman Texas Social Media Awards

I was awarded one of the 25 winners without even knowing I was nominated. Cool! Really, it’s thanks to all of you… All I do is try my best to put up an interesting photo every day and share a little bit about the circumstances and the process. I’m glad it resonates!

Be sure to check that list – you are bound to discover a few other people in the Texas landscape that you may find interesting…

The Bridge – Edited with Topaz Adjust 4

I used Topaz Adjust 4 (try it on the Topaz Website) to help add a nice touch to the bridge photo today.  Have you guys noticed much difference between it and the previous Topaz Adjust 3?  I notice the UI is better, and a few other things, but no other big bullet points I can think of.  Adjust 3 was already good enough!  It has caused a few graphics problems for me from time to time, like it doesn’t quite complete processing the image.  Has anyone else noticed that?

Daily Photo – The Tolkienesque Bridge

I normally don’t put two photos from the same city (or even country!) back-to-back in consecutive days, but I decided to award Queenstown this honor. It is very high on my list of cities to move to! I just need to check on a few things like broadband availability and a good spot to plop the family down, and I’ll be in business!

This is from the main park in Queenstown. It was as quaint as could be. The evening light made everything a little bit extra-colorful, and some clever little hobbit-engineer, found it fitting to put this nice little stone bridge across the pond. It is all quite nice, no?

  • Richard

    Yep.. my Adjust v. 3 and 4 has been acting up.. not completing processing, etc. Kinda flaky. I increased virtual memory in performance advanced settings from about 2 gigs to 4. I read somewhere that may be a fix. It seems to have worked so far. Cool pic. Love that green circle in the middle formed by the reflection. I especially like the simplify filter and I just tweak up the detail slightly. If you get it just right, it gives a soft, ethereal look. I’m trying to capture the look you got on the rocket inside the google building. It’s hard to get.

  • casusan

    Oh wow! What a delightful little bridge – the colors, feeling and reflections in this photo are simply wonderful – wahh..great place to visit!

  • Zak

    I agree with your comments on Queenstown – I am an Aucklander (by birth not choice!) but I would love to move to either Queenstown or Wanaka. I was there in 2008 during autumn, and the colours are spectacular. That region of the south has very distinct seasons, photographic gold really.

  • Excellent image. You’re turning into a “Ringon”. **big grin**

  • Scott

    Only just started using Adjust 4, thanks to your review btw, and I’ve noticed it often adds a strong Red/Cyan cast. Great app nevertheless.

  • Including the Eye! Verry nice

  • so you managed to find the Lochness Monste 🙂 🙂 🙂 .. great photo

  • Great shot Trey, so colorful and the processing really popped out the colors of the bridge. Love it.

  • jacy joypals

    Beautiful colors and reflection; what a fun place for images. I have likewise had several occasions of non-complete on Topaz 3, trying 4 today but love the effects and help in clean up!

  • Nice little bridge!

  • p.s. Congratulations on your Statesman Texas Social Media Awards; we are sure more are coming 8o)!

  • Love the photo! Which effect from Topaz 4 did you use? I’ve been using it since your review and enjoy using ‘Spicify’ which can work really well or badly depending on the photo!

  • I got Topaz 4 as a free upgrade, but I also haven’t seen much difference other than a nicer interface. I haven’t had the issue you described with Topaz 3 and I use Topaz on nearly every image, often using a layer mask.

    Congratulations on your Statesman Award! My podcast interview with you should be released this week!

  • I now have a new photo on my desktop!!! I love this beautiful photo, Trey. The still water reflects the bridge so nicely!!! Wonderful colors, too, especially a lot of my favorite, purple 😉
    Congratulations on your media award!!!! You deserve it!! WTG 🙂

  • This is a fantastic photo. I love the colors of the bridge and the reflections. This is one of the best you have taken.

  • Wonderful shot! The reflections under the bridge draw your eye into the scene very nicely.

  • My preferate city in NZ!

  • Trey – glad you are enjoying NZ – but before you start buying property in Queenstown there are plenty of other places to check out! Q’town would have the most expensive property and services prices, thanks to all the tourists funneled through there. Have you had a good look around Bank’s Peninsula? Very close to Christchurch (major airport), beautifully wild scenery, and central to the whole South Island.
    ps. stop in if you are coming up through Methven

  • RT McDonald

    I had a pic that stopped processing with Topaz 4 twice! I finally finished it with Topaz 3. Warning: Don’t uninstall Topaz 3 quite yet! Trey – I visited Austin last week while you were out of town. Besides the requisite Driskill Hotel and Capitol Bldg (both beautiful buildings), I got some good shots of the Hula Hut and St. Elias Church (near the Sheratin where I stayed). Will post them somewhere soon. Wish I had more time in Austin. A great town with a lot of good photo opportunities and more pinata stores than you can shake a stick at (pun intended). Congrats on your award and I look forward to seeing more of NZ.

  • Scot

    I have noticed that Adjust 4 can definetly process bigger pics on my 2 GB (32 bit Windows) machine. I also notices that if it can’t handle a pic then it silently stops processing. So maybe that is the issue you are seeing when it stops processing a picture. In any case, if i had a 64bit system or a AMc i woudl prob not have issues processing panos with Adjust. My comment is it is better for 2 GB systems.

  • Thanks !

    Duncan – I don’t remember which one – perhaps one of the more subtle ones! 🙂

    Bill – which cities did you have in mind?

  • Jon

    I’ll buck the trend here and say this isn’t one of my favorites, Trey. I think the Topaz treatment is a wee bit too much for my taste.

    Oh, and @Theo: Lochness? really? It’s Loch Ness… and it’s in Scotland, a place Trey should really visit if he hasn’t already. I know some great, unusual, and non touristy places that would benefit from Trey’s skills.

  • Trey – there are just a bunch of small settlements around Banks Peninsula, but they are close to Christchurch with rather amazing coastal views. eg. Diamond Harbour, Church Bay; about 30 mins from downtown Christchurch but million dollar views at much less than million dollar prices! I guess it is personal preference as to what sort of place you want to live, I like quieter spots but they have to have easy access to the main centres/airports. Queenstown is a beautiful spot but expensive to get out of.

  • Oh man, Queenstown is high on my list of cities to move to, too! I love the botanic gardens there, so I was very excited to see this shot from you. I doubt we’d be able to move anytime soon, as there isn’t much for work there for my husband (software engineer). In the event we do both find ourselves there, I’ll have to have you over for dinner! Us expat-hopefuls need to stick together. 🙂

  • Awesome pic, Trey. Move over here soon!

  • Linda Castellani

    That’s a glorious image, Trey. It’s now on my desktop, too.

  • About his garden in Queenstown, for most of you. =) … The Queenstown Gardens is another nice place to relax in the city. You can walk around the edge of the Lake Wakatipu and have wonderful views towards the mountains ranges and the city centre. There are lots of things to do, sports, skate, tenis, lots of trees and flowers, pond, ducks and ducklings, gold fish, nice tracks for biking and walking or just sitting in one of the benchs near the shore. I love this garden. I have crossed this little bridge so many times. Gosh I miss Queenstown!!!

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