Bad News for Austin Photowalk

I was thinking about planning a mega SXSW photowalk in Austin, but I have decided not to. They take a lot of work to plan out and execute on… I’m afraid I just don’t have the time to make it happen!

I know many of you are coming to Austin for SXSW – maybe I will see you around the streets!

Daily Photo – Mountainstorm

I took an evening drive to Glenorchy, which is about 50 km outside of Queenstown. It’s one of the windiest drives in the world, especially in the middle of a violent storm! The rain stopped for a short time while I went on a short hike to capture the mountains across the lake.

The wind was so intense. After setting up the tripod and setting up the interval timer, I had to shield the whole thing with my body, by leaning into the wind on the more threatening side of the camera. As I was doing this, I was wondering if anyone would really want to be my assistant. it’s not nearly as glamorous as you might think!

  • Great photo. The blues capture the mood of the place, cold, windy etc. Thanks again for coming to NZ, Auckl. Was fun!

  • Aha – you’re starting to spell like a Kiwi already – “glamourous”!

  • Cool stuff Trey (literally). You have captured the mood of this area so well.

  • Hey Trey, how about coming to Australia next? I’d love to find out what you’d make out of the landscapes here!

  • Nice mood here. Yea, most people might be a little soft for being a landscape photographers assistant. Early mornings, late nights, extreme weather, not a lot of fun. lol But some of us (myself included) get off on stuff like that. Weird really.

  • I could hack it as your assistant. Having a set time to wake up and knowing that I’ll always be on my toes is easy for me. Must be because I’m 22 yrs old and still young 🙂

  • The photo has come out amazingly well.. it feels just as cold and scary as you mentioned.

  • Really well controlled image here, astounding depth yet almost monochrome in its colour range.

  • Great mood indeed. Assistent? Anytime! 😉

  • When I have tried to bring my wife along to be my “assistant” she usually ends up staying in the car and reading a book. That is if the weather is bad. Otherwise she just enjoys the surroundings. LOL. Great shot. I love the clouds on this one.

  • Richard

    Love that velvety smooth water in the foreground.. beautiful gradations.

  • Wow, Trey, thanks for making all that extra effort to get this photo and sharing it with us. Sounds like to much excitement for me!! Beautiful photo of the “storm” that was surrounding you. Glad you were able to shield the camera and tripod with your body, yikes!!!!

  • Great shot. So is this a single-shot HDR because of the wind or is this your normal 5-shot bracket? Nice color, as usual.

  • casusan

    Super beautiful shot Trey! The colors are so intense – love it!

  • jacy joypals

    Beautiful Trey…stunning color and intense feeling of calm as you view the image. You are an inspiration for us to “get the shot”!

  • Glad you all like it too – hehe and thanks for the offers to become the assistant… ! I’ll have to put up an official job posting one day!

  • Shaleen

    I’ll be your assistant. You have really open my eyes to the possibilities. Thank you!

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