Another Chihuly Masterpiece

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Daily Photo: Another Chihuly Masterpiece

Isn’t there some point when you can just stop saying “masterpiece”? I mean, isn’t everything he does considered a masterpiece? It’s like there should be a whole new elite lexicon – special words for descriptions, all of which mean “masterpiece” or better.

This gem is at his new gallery in Las Vegas. You just have to go see that place. The people inside were very nice and let me take my time to set up and properly get the light as it truly was. I’m not sure they could figure out what the heck I was doing with my camera and the process! But that’s okay. We kept up good conversation while I was going through my motions… and most of our conversation centered around how much we admire Dale!

  • casusan

    Oh wow! Fantastic shot – yes, this is a masterpiece!

  • Amazing…

  • Wow! That is awesome! You did a great job of capturing it!

  • Trey,
    Ditto as to all your comments on Chihuly. I found a surprising display of Dale’s work in a permanent exhibit at the Oklahoma Museum of Art. You can see one of my images from that visit (here).


  • Nice Trey! Dale Chihuly could indeed be considered a Master @ his craft…just as U are with Ur man!

    Going to Vegas in April, will have to look this up…Not in The Bellagio Resort, but the exhibit in the CityCenter ?

    They did not have a problem with Ur tripod? Watched U carefully near the glass of course. LOL

  • Brian

    Nice! So was this a vertical pano also?

  • Linda Castellani

    I’m wondering what Brian is wondering about whether this is a panorama, otherwise how could you get it all in one shot?

    I’m not in your league as a photographer, Trey, but this is the first time you’ve shown a subject that I also have photographed, and so I have to share. I found it difficult to focus on his work, so if you look at these shots, please keep that in mind, along with the fact that I didn’t have a tripod, and I was using my Pentax Optio M10 point and shoot.

    These are from an exhibit here at the de Young museum in San Francisco.

    First, a green chandelier:

    Second, just for grins, the same piece that John Rogers (above) posted:

    Last, if hard-pressed to choose, I’d say these two are my favorites:

  • Thanks!

    Brian – no – this was a regular shot with my 14-24 – no pano- action!

  • Bob

    We do have some culture here in Oklahoma City (to little for my tastes though). The Oklahoma Museum of Art commissioned the Chihuly tower in the main lobby and as part of the grand opening he loaned the museum a collection based on marine life forms. At the end of the loan the museum put out a request for donations to buy it as a permanent exhibit. They raied several million dollars over the course of a couple weeks through private and corporate donantions.

    Besides the museum we have at least one follower of Trey. So our culture level is on the rise. 😉


  • Linda Castellani

    To the Stuck in Customs staff: my apologies if my posting is inappropriate.

  • Thanks

    Linda – I don’t know where your post is – maybe it went to spam? We rarely, if ever, ban any comments – we leave them up, even if super-negative… only if massively offensive are they deleted.

    Sometimes a post with a bunch of links in it will get held up because the system thinks it is spam?

  • Awesome color contrast.

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