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New Video – What’s in Trey’s Camera Bag?

I put this video on a special Camera Bag page here on the site — and included the link in the recent newsletter that went out a few days ago. It has a few comments on there with model numbers and the like, if you are interested!

Cali Lewis and John P met me for lunch one day in Texas, and John had his handy-dandy video camera. I was just about to leave for a long photo-adventure, and we decided to use the opportunity to document what is in my bag. I know many people are interested in this, so here we go!

Cali can be seen on and is the host of Geekbrief.TV. You can find John P at Thanks again – and I hope you guys enjoy seeing what is on the inside.

I mention some Photography Gadgets there in the video — and if you want more information on any of the things inside, see my “Reviews” area of the website.

Daily Photo – The Remarkable Mood

Oh wow do I love New Zealand!  Every city I have been to is remarkable in its own way, and I was particularly struck by the environs around Queenstown. It’s just an amazing place. I’ve been completely swamped with photo activities, but I stayed up till 4 AM in my “HomeCar” (as my daughter calls it) to process this photo. It’s all a perfectly magical place, as you can plainly see here. This was the beginning of a three-hour sunset drive that went around this same lake… every stop was more moody than the next.

That mountain range? It’s called “The Remarkables”. What a cool name.

  • The locals also call them the “Extendables” because Peter Jackson used them in Lord of the Rings, but they were digitally extended to be twice the length!

  • steve may

    I told you the south island or otherwise known as the main land was the best, but I have to tell you this shot is not the remarkables, not unless the lake has risen so much, in which case i better contact my insrance agent as my house is probable under water.

  • beautox

    Getting scenery overload yet Trey? Did you also find that the south island is like an HDR version of the north?

  • Great behind the scenes vid. But you really should be prosecuted for carrying so much on planes 🙂

  • casusan

    Oh wow! This is beautiful – wonderful clouds!! Cool video too Trey!

  • Once in a while I put one of your pictures on my desktop. This will be a candidate! Nice video too. 🙂

  • Ed

    This is a fantastic photo Trey. I love the fact that it’s mostly blue, green, yellow presented. It works really well. And of course, with the breathtaking scenery I really need to get down to NZ.

  • Gail in Montana

    What a beautiful place to be, Trey!! Changing from the ice cave photo to this one on my desktop. Thanks for sharing your time in NZ with us!!!! What a beautiful part of the world!!!!!! Take care and stay safe, well, and warm.

  • awesome stuff, the mountain in your shot is called Walter Peak, the remarkables are to the left on the other side of the lake. cheers

  • Those yellow trees are gorgeous! And wow, look at the size of those pine tree trunks. Holy crap they’re huge! Thanks for letting us tag along through your pics, Trey.

  • Great video and awesome picture. Who makes your laptop bag? Have any problems driving on the wrong side of the road? I guess you would probably be used to it. It always throws me. Thanks for the great picture.

  • Wonderful colours in this composition. When I visit NZ again i’ll definitely pass thru here!

  • Thanks all

    Chad – it is a “Crumpler” bag – they have many kinds… I have not had any trouble driving on that side of the road yet… the 6-gear camper on hills has been a small problem, however!

  • Ron

    Great Image, but then that part of New Zealand has a lot to offer.

    Trey did you get a chance to have a ride on the Shotover boats?

  • Thanks – Ron – I did not get to experience the shotover boats – maybe next time – I think we will be back!

  • T?n? koe Trey. The mountains shown on the photo are: Cecil Peak (just a little bit of it) and then Walter Peak. The lake is called Wakatipu. I am glad you liked New Zealand. I used to live in Queenstown for 3 years. Now I am living in Auckland (north island) and missing a lot the south island. I love Queenstown, Wanaka, Arrowtown. Its a lovely country. I hope you enjoy your stay.

  • correcting text above (im sorry)
    Tena koe Trey… hehe.. meaning “Hello” in Maori language (you have probably listened a lot people saying “Kia ora”, which is pretty commom, meaning “Hi” (or thanks, etc.).

  • Hey Trey….I also loved Queenstown when I was there a few years ago…I loved it so much, I bought a house there…Don’t miss out on the shotover boats as Ron suggested….it is a ride you will not soon forget…


  • lucky henry

    Trey here’s a link to a site that is using a lot of your photoss without credit or linking to you:

  • Thanks!

    Rodrigo – thanks for the info! Interesting that you used to live there in Queenstown – why did you move away?

  • Awesome, Trey. We Kiwi’s want you guys to stay here! Great place to raise kids, plus loads of photo opps. Plus only 1 plane flight away from the West Coast… ok it might 13 hours 🙂

  • Richard

    Cool shot, Trey. “The Remarkables”.. hmm.. Didn’t Pixar make a movie about them? :0 Just kidding.

    Anyway.. burning question. Well two actually. Do you use sRGB on your camera and in photoshop? Or do you use AdobeRGB? Hope that isn’t a silly question. I just want to make sure I’m not doing anything stupid.

    And what, if anything, do you use for personal protection when traversing the urban landscape by dusk? I live in L.A. and there’s some great stuff to shoot here, but you have to keep your eyes open if you know what I mean? Anything besides the tripod? If you’ve already discussed this somewhere can anyone point me to a link?

  • Richard – yes I shoot sRGB — as for protection – nothing but my wits, my spidey sense, and my tripod !

  • Richard

    Trey, thanks for the feedback. Very helpful.

  • Great Video!
    What is the brand and model of the large back pack you showed in the video?

    Thank you.

  • My apologies,I see that my question was already answered here:

  • Trey, I had to move away because of the “global recession”. The company I was working for had to close the doors, everyone lost their jobs, including the boss. I spent now more than one year trying to find a job in the same field (architectural drafting, 3d modeling). My girlfriend lives in Auckland and she offered me a place to stay while I couldnt find a job, etc etc etc. Guess what, I got a job exactly yesterday, finally!!!!!! yaaaay!! I am glad I got a job, but at the same time I am bloody sad that I am living in Auckland now. It’s a big city, too many cars, too much trafic. I love queenstown, the winter, the autumn, the colours, the lake, mountains, etc. You have been there, u have the idea of what I am saying. Queenstown will always be my lovely hometown. I dont like Auckland, but it’s where I got a job, so I have to stay here until my life changes again, if some1 offers me something better and if my girlfriend and I split out… hehe. sunds compkicated ae?… I miss Queenstown, a lot!

  • aha – – thanks rodrigo for the info – congrats on the new job!

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