Shopping in Tokyo at Night

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In the last newsletter, I asked if anyone in my network knew Hans Zimmer, and a few days later, I was able to shoot in his studio! Well, this is a rare thing that I ask YOU for help… most of the time, I give out a bunch of information and pretty pictures to make your week go easier…

Daily Photo – Shopping in Tokyo at Night

My first night in Tokyo, I was so revved up that I went out to do a lot of night shooting! The streets were wet, and that is perfect for colorful cities at night. I found this unique gem not far from Rappongi.

The only bad thing is the occasional drizzle. I love my 14-24 lens — but it seems to get wet so easily with that gnarly bulbous lens. I just wipe it down with my shirt…. that doesn’t seem like the best thing to do, but it works well enough!

  • casusan

    Oh wow! Love this – the lighting and colors – my fave purple!

  • Chris

    Great lines and love the color!

  • LOL, Susan, another thing we have in common!!!! So like Susan, Trey, I love this photo also!! Teal is my second most favorite color. You scored 100% on this one, lol. I was glad to hear that the waves that made it to New Zealand weren’t very big. I don’t know if you are still there?? But we have a friend from church who was in Santiago. She was able to get a text message to her niece that she was ok. And I got an email from her during the night. I guess internet service is intermitent there. We all were just glad she and her husband were ok!!

  • JB

    Nice shot. My flares from street lights never look this natural in hdr.

  • I love the rich colors.

  • Tokyo that not sleep and dark. Perfect place for photography..especially at night.

  • Awesome shot Trey! The colors in this one are perfect. I’m curious to know what exposure brackets you took this one at.

  • Richard

    Gorgeosity x100! Love the color. Dang, when it gets wet, I’m afraid to take my camera out.. let alone that 14-24 :0

  • Brad

    Awesome pic, how do you get so many shots with no people in them Amazing.

  • Jennifer

    This photo is amazing! There is so much geometric intensity in it. The shapes and lines are extremely strong throughout the entire image. The reflections and glowing colors you captured just add a contrasting level of organicness to such a geometric shot. It has an extreme space age feel to it but the glowing purple settles it down and adds a bit of whimsical flavor to it. I love it! Nice work!

  • thank you very much

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