The River Through Petaluma

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If you are like me, you don’t have a lot of spare time in the week, so you try to hyper-compress and optimize your media consumption. To that end, I now listen to a few podcasts on a regular basis.  You can subscribe to them all via iTunes for free, or go right to the webpages below.  I have many that I sample from time to time, but the following are some great “regulars”.

Leo in the TWIT Cottage

When I was there, I grabbed a quick photo that I put in this previous post about visiting Petaluma

Daily Photo – The River Through Petaluma

A few days after the talk at Google (I think the [email protected] *LINK to video are adding subtitles now, for those of you that have trouble hearing), I went up to Napa to visit my mom and my grandmother. Besides getting a bunch of homemade fudge (which I brought to the Stanford photowalk), I also stopped on the way back south in Petaluma at Leo Laporte’s “cottage”.

I’ve always been a big fan of Leo’s! Beside just seeing out of one eye (a strange bond I feel with him), I’ve really gotten a kick out of the way he approaches and discusses technology. In fact, I listen to his podcasts so much that my wife often says, “If I have to hear that Leo ONE MORE TIME, before jamming the radio to get off AUX to FM.”

Leo was in the middle of a podcast when I walked in to watch his operation in person. We didn’t really get a chance to talk, but he was gracious and said hello quickly while in the middle of the broadcast. I think he’s very clever with his media powerhouse there. I was fascinated seeing the operation — everything from the logistics to the electronics – smart.

His whole team was out in the front part of the college, and, while there, I also met Dr. Kiki (Dr. Kirsten Sanford is probably what it says on her degree). She was as nice as I expected as well – her show is called “Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour” — another nice podcast for your lineup!

After leaving, I stopped in downtown Petaluma to grab some lunch and some internet. Whilst there, I went over one of the bridges to grab this shot. I don’t know if the water is always this brown and muddy, but it certainly was this day!

The River Through Petaluma

Photo Information

  • Date Taken2017-11-09 02:50:47
  • Camera
  • Camera Make
  • Exposure Time
  • Aperturef/8
  • ISO100
  • Focal Length14mm (14mm in 35mm)
  • Flashflash did not fire
  • Exposure Programaperture priority
  • Exposure Bias

  • Wow, I LOVE this shot. Incredible–I love the reflection of the clouds in the water.

  • casusan

    Oh wow – this is so good Trey – love it! Yes, Petaluma is a favorite!

  • Jon

    Sky and reflections are beautifully processed. Oh, by the way… the fudge was very nice… thank you 🙂

  • Beautiful sky and reflections!! I’m new to HDR, I’ve followed your tutorial, this is my last HDR shot:
    It’s harder than I thought!! 😉 I’m on the way!

  • Great photo this morning, Trey. Love the harbor shot, great job. Now to the bad news of the day. A shallow 8.8 (haiti’s was 7.0) hit Chili early this a.m. and Tsunami warnings are up from the CA coastline to Alaska, and then out to Hawaii. They say the wave is traveling at about 500 miles per hour, but is 7 feet high. That might not sound like a big wave, but it’s the power behind that wave that could do damage. Please keep all the folks that will be impacted by this event in your prayers, everyone. I’m so glad you didn’t encounter this when you were in Chili, Trey and the wave won’t reach New Zealand!! I’ll post this on facebook, too. I hope your Mom isn’t near the coastline, I don’t think she is. Anyway, be safe and warm, everyone. So many things going on right now, bad snow storms in the NE of the US, now this, and Haiti still needs help. Oh my goodness, Our Lord is going to be busy answering prayers!!! As a sideline, I followed a flickr HDR photo that was on My Yahoo home page to flickr and saw that it was done by John Rogers from Austin. So I emailed him through his website and he WROTE back to me yesterday!! He does know you, Trey, lol, I’m sure you already realize that, ha. What a small world. He was going to see if he could get his website added to Yahoo so I could add it to my home page. Sounds like a really nice fellow just like you!!!!
    Well that’s enough news for me this morning, feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment!!!!! Thanks for listening, all.

  • Just to respond to Gail’s post, The tsunami is expected to hit Australia and NZ. sunday morning.

  • Great, great photo Trey… Perfect… I’m waiting it on Flickr to put in Faves 🙂

  • Trey, they showed on CNN that the Tsunami could reach Japan and New Zealand. But on a smaller scale, hopefully!!! Still glued to the TV watching all this unfold. So sad!!

  • This comment really is for HDR Spotting, but I don’t know how to leave a comment for that site. I have not seen any photographs on that site that are not obvious HDR photographs. I would love to see some photographs where HDR has been used but it is difficult to tell it.

  • PJ

    Trey, I have some great looking photographs until i print them…They never look like what i see on my moniter. Are you gonna give some tips on printing? I have learned alot from this website and i owe it to you. Thanks


  • Nothing happened in Hawaii. Great work by the way.

  • A really great image. The reflection is awesome thanks to the so calm water.

  • Thanks all!

    No worries about the tsunami – I am up in the mountains. Also, the physics-guy in me just can’t believe the tsunami would have anything left in it by the time it reaches NZ. Maybe I am wrong!

    PJ – I don’t know much about printing – but my printing partner at Really Big Canvas seems to know a lot about it!

  • great sky..the water so calm…aha..I see no trespassing sign out trey

  • very nice pic. I sent this one to my daughter in law who is really into photography. Each photo I see from you tells a story.

  • So, Trey, I love the pic, but as I read you via rss, I enjoy being able to click from there into flickr and favorite your pictures. Could you add a link in your posts to the flickr version of the photos? For instance, this one is here:

  • Thanks!

    Hank – now they link to Smugmug – it takes too much time to link multiple places – my apologies… ! 🙂

  • Lovely! And love fans of Leo. Great photos.

  • John

    The Petaluma River isn’t a river, but a tidal estuary, like the East River in New York. so it’s brown and muddy,
    but part of the Petaluma charm. But Petaluma is very photogenic, especially for HDR. Good stuff

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