The Gentle Bridge

Kiva and Team Stuck In Customs – Over $3,000 raised so far!

I’m glad you guys are having fun on the Charity page here on the site. We’ve already done more than $3,000 for Kiva, and that is great! I’m still enjoying my own personal experience on there… seeing emails come in from time to time talking about repayment of the loans… How has your experience been so far?

March 1 – First Photo From New Zealand

This is my goal! Be ready for that day… I’m not totally sure I can make it happen… but this is my goal! 🙂

Daily Photo – The Gentle Bridge

If I could only clone myself, just for dusk! After that, all the clones could die off, like in The Prestige. They could die off in a less-violent way, however…

Usually, when I scout a location (let’s say case the joint), I wind up finding a number of spots to take pictures at dusk. Then, that high-pressure 10 minute-period hits and I run around trying to squeeze them all in… and it’s never easy with five exposures each!

This little bridge is at Horseshoe Bay in Texas. Everyone likes bridges, eh? Like cute kittens and Yourube videos when dads get hurt in the crotch, they are universal favorites.

  • Yes, we at team Stuck in Customs are doing great on Kiva, just need to get the word out more about this great idea of help.

  • casusan

    Cool little bridge alright Trey! Can’t wait for the NZ pic!!

  • Jon

    Wow… so many more team members on Kiva since I last looked. That’s a good thing. I was little slow to get started but, so far so good. It’s always good to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

  • That is a great bridge,
    I hope you enjoy NZ Trey, and am looking forward to the photos.

  • Nice bridge. I like the feeling it gives. A nice warm night.

  • What a pretty photo, Trey, great job. Thanks for going the extra mile and putting all that effort into getting just the right shot!! Looking forward to seeing your New Zealand photos. Enjoy the time you have left!!!

  • Tyler

    Wow, didn’t even know there was a SiC kiva page! Good job getting the word out! I think i’m on my 7th or 8th loan….always been repaid on time too! I’m trying to get enough money in that every month I get enough back to send out another $25 dollar loan!

  • Mark

    Another nice picture. Your stuff (website, photos, tips, etc.) are all awesome. For those of us getting into and learning photography, would you ever consider giving us the camera settings (lense, ISO, sutter, f-stop, etc.) for your pictures in addition to the camera used? Thanks again for all this inspiration and knowlege!

  • Thanks all!

    Mark, I have those settings for 90% of the photos in the book. Also, if you go to the Flickr site, a lot of that EXIF data is on there too. I can’t write it out for each post – it just takes way too long and I don’t have much extra time !

  • Ken

    We’ve supported Kiva for years, and not a single loan has not been repaid. To us, Kiva is the best “charity” going.
    Oh, yea, love your pix, too.

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