The Hellenistic Ruins

Great Time on the Hobbiton Movie Set!

Did you know they are already getting geared up to make The Hobbit?  And it will be a two-movie event?  Cool!

It turns out that Ian Brodie, who is a fan of the site and a big HDR enthusiast, works there on the Hobbiton Tours and offered to give my family and me a private tour of everything!  It was really cool to walk around the Shire and see all the various bits and pieces from the movies.  They are starting to move stuff around and get ready to shoot the next Hobbit movie there sometime in the near future.

I took a lot of photos and even made a little video of how I took one of the shots.  After I get back and get everything edited, I’ll get it uploaded so you can check my settings and all that good stuff!

New Print Avail – The Red and White Lighthouse

This new lighthouse print is a perfect little place was spotted in Iceland.  The skies are have such a nice tone there, and they are even better with the high icy clouds.  It’s such a treat to shoot there and to find wonderful things like this lighthouse that complement it so well.

Alone in Winter, Against the World...  (and I am selling my camera on eBay)

Daily Photo – The Hellenistic Ruins

For our weekly photo mystery, which is, mysteriously, neither weekly or all that mysterious, is up again!  Who can tell me where these strange ruins are from?  Or, maybe, at least, some creative guesses?

  • Well done!!!

  • Well, they are not Hellenistic for sure (a word which refers to the ancient Greeks) 🙂

    They seems to be like aztec or maya, so south-american…

  • I’d say the ruins are from Vegas!!! Have fun in Hobbittown Trey-wise! LOL

  • I’m thinking the ruins are from Universal Studios Florida….but I’m not sure which park, Universal or Islands of Adventure.

  • Great POV!

  • Damien

    I’m guessing some where like Disneyland or universal studios. Its not that I have been there,I’m just guessing based on the fact the footer mentions Orlando Florida. Lucky your not a serial killer or you be caught in no time. You leave too many clues around haha

  • Kevin Wyman

    I would go along with the majority and say the ruins are at the Poseidon’s Fury ride, Universal Islands of Adventure, Orlando, Florida.

  • Jon

    Yep i would say that its the ruins at the Poseidon’s Fury ride, Universal Islands of Adventure as well. I also said this on his Buzz page. :@)

  • Stefan Aberg

    Since I ran it to you and your family at IoA a while back I’m quite sure that it is the Poseidon’s Fury ride…

  • I guess I will agree with the guesses above, as I’ve not been to that place, lol. Pretty clever, Trey, but looks like some of your fans are, too. Where ever the photo was taken, great job. Thanks for sharing both photos today. Hope you are still having fun in New Zealand!!!!!!

  • Brad Truxell

    I can’t wait to see your Hobbiton pictures. The Lord of the Rings movies are my favorite films of all time. So it will be great to see it in HDR!

  • Jim

    Referring back to the date taken, it appeared you where back in Orlando at DISNEY….. Maybe. Thus the reason for the crop.

  • casusan

    Great shot Trey – I like your mysteries but wouldn’t even guess where it is -you go too many places!! Glad you are having fun in NZ!!

  • Definatley Poseidon’s Fury at Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure.
    Here’s a panorama of it:

  • Jesse

    The airplane jet streams also gave it away.

  • Yes right! 🙂

    Kevin was the first to get the Poseidon’s Fury at Universal Studios… so many people got it – you guys are hard to trick. I’ll have to come up with a harder one next time…. !

  • Thomas

    Perfect lighthouse…..seen it once before on another photographers website

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