Fog in the Fishing Village

Black and White HDR Photography

In case you missed this article a few months back, I did a post on Black and White HDR Photography over at Photofocus. It’s a long-form article with a bunch more information, in case you are interested in this sort of thing!

Daily Photo – Fog in the Fishing Village

You all know that I hate waking up early in the morning. This is very true. A lot of my somewhat older friends say that as you get older, waking up early comes naturally. I look forward to this day. For now, it’s all hard work… but I know that is when the light is interesting and the weather patterns can be unexpected.

This is very early morning with a dense fog over this little harbor. I loved the details on these bits, so I did my best to capture them in the morning wetness. In the distance, you can see the anchored boats. This is also from the little bay of Portofino — the same location as the photo I posted a few days ago.

  • Nice harbour with a lot of details.
    I like morning fog, crawling around and making mystical mood.

  • For me, there is always a certain magic between the photographer and the fishing village or port, and you certainly captured it here!

  • JB

    I love shots like this. I was just processing a few mid-day hdr’s from Yellowstone and was wishing it would have been easy for me to get up a bit earlier for those shots. It seems like it makes a big difference to get the morning or evening light in HDR.

  • casusan

    I like this Trey – a super moody shot!

  • Richard

    I’m a morning person and that shot captures, for me, the magic of early morning. The contrast of the intense detail in the foreground with the soft watercolory (made up my own word.. :)) background is really cool. And the composition rocks.

  • Wow, great capture, indeed, Trey. You can see the trees in the background through the fog! Being an early up and at ’em person all my life, it’s easy for me to get up in the morning. I think you will eventually find it easier as you do it so often now. Your body gets acclamated to it. Thanks for sharing another wonderful photo!!

  • I’m glad the tones are muted in this shot, Trey. Gives the fog the forefront of the image, and provides a nice “gloom” that carries throughout the entire shot! Awesome!

  • Great shot Trey. Love the texture and details in the FG fading to misty fog in the BG. Well done! BTW, you’re a coffee guy, doesn’t that help get you moving in the morning?

  • Splendid photograph! I like everything about it.

  • Thanks very much – glad you like it as much as I do! 🙂

  • The HDR effect really pops in this one, great work trey.

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