Building 43 at Google – Buzz Alert

New Photos from INSIDE Google – Soon on Buzz!

I am releasing some new photos that I took while inside the Google HQ recently. I had to get them cleared by corporate communications, and now they are free to be released! You can find me on Google Buzz here. They’ll be released at some random time on the 16th…

Google Buzz – List of Photographers

Are you new to Buzz and looking for Photographers to follow? See this Photographers on Buzz list. Note, this is a BIG LIST, but I suggest you surf around it and see some people! You will likely find a few that you like… so many great photographers and artist out there – I hope this helps you to discover some new ones.

Daily Photo – Building 43 at Google

Wow I had a great time at Google! The guys and gals there I met were very nice and cool… After my [email protected] talk, I stayed around for a while to take photos while waiting on the workshop to begin. There are sensitive areas of Google, of course, and I didn’t even try to take pictures of any of that stuff… Building 43 is the central building of the whole Googleplex. It houses the offices of Marissa Mayer (who did not show up for my talk *ahem*), Larry Page, and Sergey Brin. I wanted to pop into their offices and make unique photos of their offices for fun, but I did not want to ask on my first visit. Wouldn’t that be one of the most interesting things in the world? To see the offices of all these people? They don’t have to be awesome and all James-Bondy — even something mundane would be interesting, if captured in the right way. But I do picture Sergey stroking a white cat…

  • Nice 3D effect with the sign. That 14-24 is awesome!

  • cate

    I see the sky was cooperative for you – can’t wait to see the rest or the shots!

  • Great photo. Boy, if I had to work, I would choose that place. Bike parking, picnic tables, beautiful buildings, and the inside probably matches the outside as far as nice in appearance. Hopefully, that’s how their employees feel, also. I went to the google buzz site and saved it in My Favorites so I can go back when you post the other Google pictures. Are you going to put a reminder on this site when they are posted???? That would be great for those of us “older” folks, lol. Thanks for sharing this photo, can’t imagine how huge goodgle HQ’s is!!! I see you went to a University that is the same religion as us. Not bringing that up anymore, but that’s neat to know!!!! Have a great day as you prepare to go to NEW ZEALAND!!! Can you tell I’m envious 😉 .

  • These guys are the best and make help so many folks in so many ways, couldn’t live without them these days!

    Trey as you have such a large hdr audience and many of them probably operate on a small budget (or none like myself). In HDR one of the biggest limits for shooters with the lower end cameras is the auto bracket functions being limited to 3 shots. I just put together a solution “Wireless Camera Control and Bracketing Overdrive on a Budget” that may be of interest. I can now bracket any number of shots at any EV via a wireless netbook trigger all at $120 – this would work with quite a number of cameras out there:


    John E Adams

  • casusan

    Cool shot Trey! Know you had fun there – yes, the offices would be interesting!

  • THanks all – and thanks for that link John Adams – feel free to drop links any time

  • I’m never getting tired of looking at your photos, Trey. The large version of this one blew me away! Super cool.

  • isaac

    Not one of my favorites. love most everything. Cant wait for tomorrow.

  • Love those bike parking Goooooogly things. That is a really cool touch.

  • Steve

    Stroking white cats are for evil leaders. Google ain’t about the evil.

    You are more likely to find Sergey dressed as a cow, stroking one of his rubber udders.

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