The Mysteries of the Boudoir

New Zealand Photowalks and Talks Finalized!

We are looking at Auckland on Feb 19 and Christchurch on Mar 4.  Both events will include a talk, which you are welcome to attend.  I look forward to meeting all you nice Kiwis!  There is more information on the New Zealand page here!

Daily Photo – The Mysteries of the Boudoir

For the photo mystery of the week, what exactly is the photo below?  Be sure you zoom into the big size and poke around for clues….

I found this gem while in New York during the book launch party there.  It’s one of those times when I am happy I carry my camera almost everywhere.  It’s a real pain, especially when I had a major disaster in a tiny robot-bathroom in Tokyo.  That is a story I can’t share on the blog because it’s all too wheels-off.  But, in this circumstance, having a camera worked out well.

Isn’t this the strangest thing in the world?  But it’s so interesting….  I could not stop looking at it!

New Screenshots of Topaz Detail 2

Below is a screenshot I took while helping the define some the details in this photo. You can see more on my Topaz Detail Review here on the site. Sometimes, I find the HDR process can make some lines and contrast wash out, and the eye still likes to latch onto lines… Anyway, a longer story, but there is more info if you are interested.

Topaz Detail 2 - Desat Brush

  • casusan

    oh wow! This is cool – I think it’s some kind of shadow box full of game playing pieces- could be in the window of a store but don’t think so – super shot and yes, interesting – oh well, I guessed anyway!

  • Facebook User

    “Afternoon Amusements and Sovereign Gambits”

  • Really fantastic!! I love the POV.

  • I agree with Susan, some kind of shadow box at a gaming place or shop. Maybe even at a Hotel where you were staying???????????? Whatever it is, it looks 3 dimentional, not flat. Interesting, to say the least!!

  • Really awesome … I did a quick Google search .. Here is a video on the assembly of the “Compendium of Curiosity” windows.>

  • oops … there was a trailing bracket. Here it is:

  • Cool shot! Bob nailed it. A little more searching found this image on flickr member Viridia’s photostream.

  • I’ve been using Topaz Detail for awhile now. Its a really nice program. The version you show is their newest upgrade. They offer a free upgrade if you have the old version. For less than $40 you can’t go wrong. Nice review by the way. 🙂

  • Jacques (fotofreq)
  • Ben

    NYC: Bergdorf Goodman’s 2009 Holiday Window – A Compendium of Curiosities – Chapter 18: Afternoon Amusements and Sovereign Gambits

  • Thanks all!
    Yes – I know the smarties here would figure it out quickly… !

  • I loved these windows when I saw them in NYC. I have the whole set of them on my Flickr album –

    They were definitely a challenge to shoot and convey exactly which way they were resisting the effects of gravity. Well done Trey.

  • Quite apt, considering that one of the designers, Alexander McQueen, was found dead in his apartment last week.

  • Facebook User

    Looks like something relating to Tim Burton’s next movie…….

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