The Beautiful Airport in Kuala Lumpur

Mega-Photowalk During SXSW? How about March 13

Yes, I am thinking about putting one together based on a series of very enthusiastic requests! I don’t have anything formally planned yet, but some pieces are coming together. I know we have people coming to Austin for SXSW from all over the world. If we hold it, it will be around sunset on Saturday evening, March 13 (it was March 14, but I understand now the Austin Photography Group meets that evening). So… pencil in the 13th !

We might even have a little contest of sorts… see who can get the most interesting Austin evening / SXSW / party / social / or Austin-y shot!

Daily Photo – The Beautiful Airport in Kuala Lumpur

Ahhhh… Asian airports. I really love them. They all remind me, for some reason, of these clean-white scenes from the beginning of 2001: A Space Odyssey. The architecture in these places is inspired and the textures are impeccably chosen. I literally cannot help myself from taking photos. Whenever I walk through them and I compose a scene with my eyes, I am compelled to get out my camera and tripod and shoot away.

And yes — this is a common question I get on Twitter and all over the place. I always carry my tripod on the plane. I’ve never had a problem except for one international flight, when they told me it was a few inches too long. Now, this might have been a fluke because I have a big tripod. I’m just sayin’.

The Beautiful Airport in Kuala Lumpur

  • casusan

    Great shot Trey – yes, all these airports you’ve taken photos of are spectacular! This one reminds me of a giant asian fan for some reason! cool reflection too!

  • *Is proud to be a Malaysian*
    anyway nice shot mate, didn’t expect the ordinary departure entrance can look so good!

  • Nice shot!

    Unrelated, but I came in to work today at American Airlines Flight Dispatch only to find your Hong Kong photo splayed across three 24″ Dell monitors as the desktop! I know I’m the only serious photographer in this office but someone found your HDR pleasing, besides me!
    Photo available on request.

  • John

    Hi Trey –

    I was wondering if you have ever been through the new Madrid International Airport? It will give all of the Asian airports a run for the money. If you make it that way definitely make sure you have your camera with you.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Well if you DO end up doing a photowalk at SXSW count me in. There was a Flickr meetup 2 years ago and it was a blast.

  • Wow, what a beautiful photo of the Kuala Lumpur entrance!!! To bad airports in the U.S. don’t invest more in their appearance, but than that would add costs to the already expensive flights. I have been in a few through the years here, but none overseas. Would love to visit the one in Madrid that John mentioned. Our dream is to go to Europe and tour all the countries there, especially Sweden, as that’s where my brother lives!!!! Thanks for sharing some more of your travels, Trey. Neat about Carl seeing your photos on his fellow workers desktops!!! I know I sometimes put one of yours on mine, love them so much!!!! Take care, hope your plans to go to New Zealand are moving along. Have a great day, all!!

  • I’m there for the SXSW photowalk.

  • Thanks !!

    John – no – I have not – so many people keep telling me to go to Spain… I need to make that happen!

  • Radeeboi

    This photo is, as with all your output, stunning.

    You do really need to go to Spain – and, when there, look out buildings and other constructions by a guy called Santiago Calatrava ( You will certainly be able to do him justice with your photos. And don’t forget to take in (and photograph!) La Sagrada Familia and L’Alhambra Palace when you do go, too. πŸ™‚

  • Kerry

    Trey, do you carry your tripod loose, or in a bag? And does that count as one carry-on item? I know a lot of international flights are limited to one carry-on, and I would need that to be my camera bag…

  • A photowalk during SXSW sounds fun but you will be making yourself unpopular by picking the same evening as the Austin Photography Group monthly meeting if it happpens on the 14th! πŸ™‚

  • Oh! Is that right… well… let me quickly “alter” that date to the 13th… I’m not up on all the various meetings – thanks for the heads up! πŸ™‚

  • Kerry – I carry the tripod loose… it’s too strangely-shaped to fit in a carry-on bag, like my mother-in-law

  • Too bad about your mother-in-law. Mine is petit and bends easily — perfect for a carry on! πŸ˜‰ Oh, I meant tripod. Got a new travelers series.

  • Michael Tuuk

    Photowalk sounds great…will try to free up the calendar for that one.

  • Eugenio Padilla

    I’d love to go to the photowalk…
    Though I don’t know if I’ll be there since it is the beginning of spring break.

  • Ali

    I really dig this photo. Great composition, great lighting, great everything. Well done! Thanks for sharing.

  • Erika

    To think that i worked in KLIA for 10 years and all i could think of was ‘Oh what a hell hole!’ Anyway when you’re back in Malaysia next you’d probably like to visit a new temple in the southern tip of Malaysia, Johor called The Hindu Glass Temple.Everything inside it is covered with broken mirrors and glass . Thought that will be interesting to have HDR-ed πŸ˜‰

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