Salaryman waiting for the Bullet Train

Join my mate Vanelli for a Workshop in North Carolina

I met a heck of a nice guy when I was in Florida named Vanelli. I was introduced to him by RC Concepcion, who is normally a good judge of character — I remember him saying, “Trey, you gotta meet this guy named Vanelli!”

So, I did, and he made a good impression on me. He happens to be quite the Photoshop guru, and he absolutely loves photography. He’s a great communicator, and I’m sure he’ll put together a unique workshop. I think he’s only inviting about 10 people or so… and if you want to find out more, go to the “Vacation with Vanelli” website.

New Limited Edition Numbered Print – Hong Kong from the Peak

This week we are releasing a new print (see the print page) called “Hong Kong from the Peak“. It is a pretty one that many of you may remember, and it’s featured right towards the beginning of the book. There are smaller prints available on fine art paper all the way up to huge canvases to adorn your walls.

Hong Kong from the peak on a summer's night

Daily Photo – Salaryman waiting for the Bullet Train

I’ve always loved the Japanese word “salaryman”. It means exactly what you think it means. And whenever I say this word to Japanese people while there, they get so surprised what I know that word! Possibly, this is because I know only a few dozen words — and they consider this one to be somewhat obscure, I suppose. It’s hard to say. There is something wonderfully inscrutable about my conversations with Japanese people.

This was shot in Kyoto (to the best of my memory), on the way to Tokyo. These bullet trains are just great. I bought a week-pass on the bullet train for only a few hundred dollars — it’s a special deal for foreigners traveling to Japan. The only confusing bit was figuring out how to trade in my voucher at Narita airport. Well, there were a variety of confusing things at that airport, but that has never stopped me…

Salaryman waiting on the Bullet Train

  • I would love to talk to you about your trip to Japan, Trey. I am flying into Narita in March and I’m going there for the sole purpose of photography. I have been watching closely for your images of Japan.
    The bullet train seems to be the way to go. Hope I can figure it out!

  • Great shot! I’m not sure I would have dared taking the shot, judging the expression of that man’s face.

    BTW: I never quite understood why they make such a beautiful aerodynamic train, and then put a stupid windscreen wiper on it. There should be another solution for it, don’t you think?

  • Firstly to Matthew, If you are heading in to Tokyo, why not get in contact with Alfie. He is an amazing photographer and he has a great site. You may have already visited his site, but if you have not, then its worth a look. You can get in contact with him there. Alfie

    @Patrick. The best thing about Japan is (well, I like most things about Japan), but a great thing is that most people will not say or do anything if you put a camera near them. They are not over the top afraid of or have a hate with photographers like some other countries. (Coming back home to Australia after Japan was a shock. I forgot how often I had been told to @#$% off when taking a shot here in my home town of Adelaide.)

    If you want to take a shot of someone while in Japan, be polite and say to them: “sumimasen. shashin wo tottemo ii desu ka?” / “Excuse me. Is it OK if I take a picture (of you)”.

  • @stephen. Agree. The Japanese loooove photography

    Japan is so wonderfully different, western yet eastern at the same time, and yes the Shinkansen is the best way to get around, although I am seriously thinking of hiring a car with an English sat-nav for my next visit.

  • I love those bullet trains. There’s no other way to travel and Japan provides the perfect landscape for passing the time. The perfect blend of urban and natural scenes!

  • Trey you’ve set me up. I have no idea what a “salaryman” is and to me “salary man” is no help. So please tell me.

  • Nice photo, Trey!! Must be quite an experience riding the bullet train!! Yeah, I finally found the spot to click on and order a print. Chose the one in the Andes!!!! Must have missed out on the barn, darn. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!!!

  • Hehe thanks all…

    Bernie – Salaryman is just simply a “businessman” – someone that has chosen to live his life by getting a monthly or yearly salary. Did you know that “Salary” comes from the root of the word for Salt? There is an old saying, worth his Daily Salt… people used to be paid in Salt when it was more valuable than gold, since it was the only way to store food for long periods.

  • casusan

    This looks cool Trey! Know it was fun! Love that new print!!

  • Sam

    great picture, actually all your pictures are great. I appreciate allowing us to see one each day. a while back you recommended an on-line backup site. can you remind me what it was??

  • Thanks

    Sam – yes – see my Backblaze Review at

  • I’m just back from Japan but didn’t get to ride the bullet. I always look forward to your images, this one is no exception.

  • Amazing piece of work as always 🙂

    Greetings from Sweden

  • manmeet gill

    Hi Trey
    I must say I’m a great fan of your site and have been following it regularly ever since I started learning HDR. Due to this reason I was really looking forward to your book, especially the in-depth tutorial for HDR. But I must say, after going through the book at the bookstore, I found it nothing more than self-publicity stunt, with the same images again and again as found on your website, without any appreciable tutorial. I was so put off that I decided against buying the book and bought another one with far more detailed tutorial and half the price

  • Thanks for the feedback Manmeet. The book has the same tutorial that is here on the site along with a few extra steps — most people find that more than adequate to make an HDR photo. The difference between me and many other authors is I’ve taken tens of thousands of hours of expertise and shared it here on the site for free in the HDR Tutorial — I find many people will also support this by buying the book. If you do not – no problemo – best of luck. You may find other books on the subject to your liking.

  • Thanks Stephen, I appreciate it. I will try and get in contact with Alfie.

  • nice work, Trey! i remember you bringing this picture up during the workshop.

  • If anyone goes to Tokyo, make sure that you visit the main Bic Camera store at Yurakucho Station. It’s 8 floors of electrical goodness. What they don’t have is not worth knowing about!

  • leo

    Japanese salary men don’t get enough sleep which is why they sleep on trains. They often rush to work so quickly that they have mad the art of getting ready real fast in the morning

  • Hi Trey, unual name but I like.What apeture do you use for night shots and what iso.This is my first try at HDR. At The moment I set it all up then set camera on 2 seconds then press button and wait.I’m going on 69 years and love your help.Night shots I’m not sure of could you come to my rescue.
    P.S. Regards to you family from down/under

  • Matt

    Hey Trey,
    This is my favorite pic on the web. I can’t really explain why though, I just love it. When I look at it the crispness of the colors/lights and the texture of the clouds with the trees directly below you, man, it’s like my eyes can “smell” this picture! And I’m 100% drug free. That’s some serious photo-mojo my friend. Good job…

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