A Scene from the Super Volcano

Great Reads for 2010

Thanks to Abduzeedo who listed “A World in HDR” as one of the Great Reads for 2010!  Thanks Abduzeedo!

The Third and the Seventh – An Awesome Video

Here is another thing I found on Abduzeedo that I just HAVE to show you.  It’s so awesome.  I could watch this thing again and again – in fact, I have!  You can go see it on Vimeo at The Third and the Seventh.  Can you believe the whole thing is computer generated?  I can’t get over it…  I think you’ll see why I like it so much!

Daily Photo – A Scene from the Super Volcano

These charred dead trees jutting out of the strange deposits at Mammoth is quite a place.  I’m sure that maybe you’ve also heard that Yellowstone is just a simmering super volcano, waiting to erupt at any moment.  This always makes me a tiny-bit edgy as I move around the environs.  But, I figure, that if I am in any of those states around there while the volcano exploded, I’d probably be dead anyway — so why not be right in the center of the sucker where it is the prettiest?  This is not the best logic I have ever used, but it is a subtle use of it, I suppose.

A Scene from the Super Volcano

  • Awesome, somewhat surreal scene – love all the muted colors, contrasting textures and framing. The scene seems to move on its own. Incredible!

  • I just watched 2012 last night! “It’s so beautiful” *tear*

  • Jim

    Mother nature is amazing and a great shot of capturing her beautiful moods. In the Tampa HDR workshhop group, posted a vertical pano (Scott’s suggestion )and left a question. Help.
    Enjoy the weekend

  • casusan

    Oh wow – wonderful and interesting shot Trey – love the mountains in the distance!

  • On “The Third and The Seventh” no I can’t believe it was all computer generated. I am utterly convinced there was a very good artist involved telling the computer what to do 🙂 You of all people shouldn’t be making such statements.

  • Hehe thanks all.

    Bernie – yes that is an awesome video eh? I can believe it is CG – it’s so well done… by just one guy – I am so impressed!

  • Trey, thanks for posting the video. I believe it is one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen on video. And all created by one person? Phenomenal…

  • that’s a really nice shot! but kind of dwarfed by the awesomeness of that video! It would be impressive if it was real footage, but to think something this beautiful and realistic can be achieved with cgi is incredible! I do love abduzeedo, which i believe i discovered thanks to you. their daily inspiration posts are, well, inspirational!

  • your daily pic reminds me of a hangover-vision.. glowing, blurry but sharp at the same time. works nice!

  • Interesting video about the life of a camera, Trey. I love this photo of Yellowstone!!! Don’t worry, if she blows, we’ll all be toast. Most of North America will be covered in ash and we’ll go dark, life will cease to exist, expecially in the Northwest corner. From what I’ve seen and read, about 1/3 of North America was forever changed, the third I’m in and possibly you and your Mom. Let’s hope all the little tremors going on now, probably over 2000 now, are going to settle down and peace will reign. Then there’s always the caldira in NM, too. I don’t think we’ll see this happen in our lifetimes, any of them from the youngest on up. At least I hope not!!!! But if you see a cloud of ash approaching, head east fast!!!! Try and go to Europe, yikes!!

  • I just went there last fall to shoot some HDR’s. None look quite this good. You probably just have to pretend like all those signs showing you scalded cartoon kids with off-the-path warnings don’t exist. Next time I will trample the volcano.

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