Towering Notre Dame

Barn Of Your Dreams now Avail for Collection!

We have another Limited Edition Numbered Print that has just come available. It’s called “The Barn of your Dreams”, and if you are a regular around here you probably remember this wonderful place in Wyoming. I hope you like it as much as I do!

Thanks for the comments on the prints I’ve received via email, btw. I’m glad you find these affordable and unique. I wanted to ensure that each one remains collectable and has a particular number – this seems to resonate well! Thanks again!

The Barn in your Dreams

Stanford Photowalk

We had a great one in Stanford! There were 40-50 people there, and the weather was downright lousy! When I arrived, everyone was taking cover under the tree, so that was kind of amusing to see… a bunch of people with tripods in the middle of a green expanse, all packed under a tree with tripods sticking out in every direction!

I believe we spent about two hours together or so. We walked around, talked, and geeked out with HDR! It was great fun, and I met some really nice people. At the end of the evening, we ended up in a Stanford eatery and I gave away a bunch of Smugmug prizes!

If you were there, come share your photos in the Stuck in Stanford group on Flickr!

  • rodrigo

    To my knowledge the first HDR (as we know it today) comes from Paul Debevec’s 1998 SIGGRAPH paper “Recovering High Dynamic Range Radiance Maps from Photographs” which shows images taken inside Stanford’s Memorial Church. Does anyone know of any prior HDR work?

  • casusan

    Oh wow – beautiful shot Trey!! Glad the walk turned out good!

  • hi trey,

    you mentioned tripods in the above article which brings to mind a do you handle your tripod when traveling.i’ve been told by the tsa they are not permitted as carry on,they could be used as “weapon”,well so could a briefcase. i’ve also read on forums it depends on the mood of the screening agent at the you go through security.i’d hate to check a $1,000 tripod and have it lost.


  • Glad your walk ended so nicely, Trey.. To bad the weather didn’t co-operate better. Would you send me a note on facebook as to the cost of the Barn picture. I love that one!!! Beautiful photo of Notre Dame. Looks like a lovely place to visit. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Hey Trey it was really fun on the shoot yesterday. Thank You for spending the time with us all on the drizzly evening stomping around the Stanford campus. Your Dad was cool (Porchee racer & all 🙂 and the homemade Fudge from “Mom” was a hit & the spot as well. Have safe travels back to the Lone Star State. You are welcome back to Northern Calif. any time you like. We could easily find some new very interesting stuff to shoot up in these parts any time in the future U are game! Just say the word.

    Peace man,


    PS Fell asleep to your book last night…that is actually a
    compliment I have more books to read than time in my life! You
    get the idea I am sure.

  • Hey Trey,

    It was nice meeting you yesterday. Good to get some tips from a nice guy like you.

    Anyway, I processed my images that I took yesterday. I was wondering if all you kind folk can take a look at these images from the walk and critique them:

  • Matt

    Wow, I’m amazed you managed to get a shot of it without a gypsy getting in the way. No, with all seriousness, love the shot and hope mine come out this nice when I go back there this year.

  • Christian

    As with many of your shots, you show here that you love to play with perspective effects. Have you considered large format photography to be able to control parallelism extensively?

  • mickael

    verry nice , i know an other photographer that does HDR in paris and did some verry interresting cours on HDR for anybody who would like to do as good picture as this one on

  • Hi!
    I absolutely love your HDR photos and you have inspired me to start my own HDR photos about a year ago. Last summer I went to Paris and I took some great HDR’s of the Notre Dame inside! (have a look on my website if you want to)
    Thanks for inspiring me and keep up the good work!

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