In Petaluma to see Leo Laporte in Action!

Stopping in Petaluma to see the TWIT Cottage

I spent the night up in Napa where I was visiting my mom and grandmother (so I have extra fudge for everyone!). Since I was coming back to the Palo Alto area anyway, I drove through Petaluma. While there, I stopped by the TWIT cottage to meet with Dane. Whilst there, Leo happened to be taping a show, so I ducked in a for a few moments to see everything in person.
Cool! I am in the TWIT cottage watching @LeoLaporte talkin' b... on Twitpic

So, what is cool about this? Well, for one thing, I’ve always like Leo and the scene he’s throwin’ down. Did you know he also sees out of just one eye? The one-eyed guys have to stick together.

Also, he runs a huge media empire out of this little cottage in Petaluma! It’s really an impressive feat. He has several shows on his network that I think are interesting. You can either get the podcast on iTunes or watch live at I recommend TWIT (This Week in Technology). There is another good show called “Macbreak Weekly” which is very good. Last, you should try to catch the science stuff with Dr. Kiki. She was there too – a very nice gal…

I thought about setting up for a major hardcore HDR in his studio, but I didn’t want to impose… It was my first time in there (previous appearances on TWIP – This Week in Photography) were all remote via Skype, so I got a kick out of seeing the operation in person!

Extra Books at the Stanford Event?

I’m all out of copies of A World in HDR (but I am bringing some homemade fudge from my mom to hand out)! We totally sold out at the Google speech, which was way more popular than I anticipated… Also, some of you may remember that Amazon sold out in several countries, so it can be a little tough to get copies… they don’t exactly grow on trees! But, Amazon, Borders, B&H, and all the others replenish their supplies all the time.

If you already have a book, I am more than happy to sign it for you… it would be my pleasure!

Daily Photo – The Lonely Barn

Note that this is not the aforementioned TWIT Cottage.

Along the road from Napa to Petaluma, there are countless photo ops. I stopped here and there on the side of the road to jump out and take some shots. This one I took with my 85mm prime lens – I will soon add it to the Nikon 85mm Review page along with the other sample photos.

It was a foggy and overcast morning, so I had to look for other sorts of subject in the landscape that were interesting… which is pretty easy to do here in the wine country!

In Petaluma to see Leo Laporte in Action!

  • ahhh, too bad you didn’t get a nice HDR shot in there :\ Awesome that you got to visit 😀


  • So glad you got to see you Mom and Grandma, Trey. I know they were really looking forward to your visit. I’ll take some of that fudge, lol. Wonderful photo of the barn in the vineyard, love it!!! Thanks for sharing, have a great day!!

  • Rob

    Great shot – I love the subtle effects and the detail in the barn.

  • Suzi

    My hubby and I have been Leo fans since the old Tech TV days. Bret grew up believing he was the only kid in the world that could only see out of one eye (botched lazy-eye surgery at age 3), so he gets a big kick out of learning that someone he admires has the same condition. You guys should have a club or something! ;o)

  • I like some of these more calm shots.

    On another subject…

    Regarding your newsletter signup, you write “we promise not to spam you!” But in fact I now get plenty of spam as a consequence of signing up for your newsletter.

    I created a unique email address just for the newsletter signup, and that’s the email address that is getting all the spam.

    Do you know what has happened? Is someone untrustworthy managing your email list? Did you get a virus?

  • casusan

    Wow! Beautiful shot Trey! Love that you got the mustard in too! I haven’t gotten any spam from your newsletter!

  • Hi Trey, I’ll be bringing my copy of your book to the Auckland photowalk for you to sign. My wife was kind enough to get it for me for Christmas. I just hope the weather stays the way it is right now ‘cos it’s beautiful – the sunsets and sunrises are top-notch:

  • Glad you have discovered the 85mm is a great landscape lens. Don’t know what the condition of the linear accelerator “cave” is at Standford (some years since I have been there) but the Varian brothers were the recipients of the radar transmitter tube work in England in WW II and hung out there. History just like Teller and Feinman.

  • Thanks all!

    Magnetic Lobster – I got that complaint from one other person — that is a problem! I certainly don’t spam you — nor do I sell the list – would never do that. AWeber is my provider, and I think they had a minor security problem – I’ve yelled at them a few times… what good it does, I don’t know…

    Daryl – I’d love to see that cave!

  • The “cave” is the business end of the accelerator. When I saw it, we went down a hall with a door at the end. The door opened onto a balcony looking down into the big excavation (four stories?) which was the experiment area for the accelerator. Varian did a lot of early klystron work at Stanford and much of the early linear accelerator tube development (long vacuum cylinder with cavities for constraining a beam with magnets and accelerating the particles with RF traveling waves). The two Hughes accelerators and the USC proton accelerator (early prostate (Bragg peak) irradiation work was done at USC) were made at Princeton. I touched on that lab briefly when they were working on one of the Einstein proofs using concentric super conducting lead spheres (hear the Theramin music?) in oribit.

  • Hi Trey

    Since you yelled at AWeber, the only result for me has been that I have stopped receiving your newsletter 🙁 I am still receiving spam though, although I realise I am going to have to shut down that particular e-mail address to stop that problem.

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