The Gothic Study – The Private Library of William Randolph Hearst

Stanford Walk

I’ll meet you all at The Oval on Thursday at 4 PM. There is ONE bit of bad news. There was going to be a talk afterward at 5:30 PM, but it looks like the auditorium at Stanford fell through. This was a surprise to me too – so, my apologies… however, the walk is still on and I look forward to meeting y’all.

As a bonus, I’ll be giving away a lot of Smugmug goodies! So be sure to come with room to take home something special!

Topaz Detail Review

Topaz Detail just upgraded their cool software. I have written a quick Topaz Detail Review, which I will add to more in coming weeks. It’s a really nice and fun program – I invite you to check it out!

Daily Photo – The Gothic Study

Note this is the “small” library. I’ll post the main library in a few weeks!

As always, you can zoom in to see the details by clicking through. The details are quite incredible, and I am sure you will delight in seeing the closeups of the hand-carved wooden arches and the painted Spanish ceilings… it was all amazing! If you look closely at the full res version towards the middle, you can see a portrait of WR Hearst when he was 31-years-old.

The Gothic Study - The Private Library of William Randolph Hearst

  • Look forward to your nightly posts! Great textures, light, and most importantly composition. Real enjoy your travels. Jealous of the pool shot from a day or two ago…

  • casusan

    Wonderful place to ‘retire’ from the world – beautiful shot!

  • Isaac Hattem

    Has to be one of the more spectacular homes in the world, i have gone twice. Can’t wait to see what outdoor pool shots will be released.

  • Once again another amazing shot from you Trey! You continue to be an inspiration. Keep up the great work and stay safe on all your travels.

  • Awesome work!!

  • Jim

    How in the world did you ever leave this place. Great shoot….. Trey you will love this. This nice person made this comment on one of my pictures….. ” smoothtrooper1 says:
    Awesome composition. Looks like a classic impressionist painting! ”

    Maybe I am starting to make progress. Thanks so much.

  • Wow, Trey, I went to flckr and looked at the original size!!! I could see all the detail on the furniture, cabinets, stained glass windows, woodwork, amazing carved/painted walls and archways, as well as the photo of Mr. Hearst!!! You did such a wonderful job of getting all that detail in the photo, great job. If I had a printer large enough, lol, I would print the original size and hang it on my wall somewhere, it is just so beautiful. Would love to see that Castle in person!!!! Hope all goes well for you Thursday and you have good weather!! So wish I could be there. BTW, what are smugmugs, lol 😉 . Thanks for sharing. This is my favorite indoor photo of yours!!

  • I love all the detail in this library. Nice capture.

  • Facebook User

    This is just great in all the detail! Thanks for sharing!

  • Excellent image Trey, as usual!
    This is one of the most impressive areas of the castle in my opinion. I have a similar shot which is part of the intro slideshow on my website.

  • Amazing detail Trey, great shot (again).

  • Ali

    Amazing as always! Thanks for sharing.

  • also….
    ….gotta love that D3x and 14-24mm combo!

  • Hey thanks all!

    Gail – Smugmug is a photo-sharing site that I am starting to use more and more…

  • Rob

    Beautiful shot! Looking forward to the Stanford photo walk tomorrow. One question: Is it on rain or shine? I’ll be driving a little ways to get there and wouldn’t want to arrive to find out we’re rained out.

  • I didn’t think it was possible but you just outdid yourself on this one Trey. Absolutely stunning work. See you mañana. 😉

  • Facebook User

    Stunning Detail Trey!!! Looking forward to tomorrow. Wish we still had the talk though =( Maybe we could move the talk to a bar?

  • Really fantastic and amazing to see.

  • To Jim: you’re welcome, ha ha!

  • Dorthea Butler

    I’m a student at MSU COT in Great Falls, MT and your site is one that was posted on our discussions menu from one of our students. Your site’s photos are very detailed in color and compostion. Thank you for your site.

  • Thanks!

    Rob – yes I will still be there even in a light rain… a heavy rain might run us all off! 🙁

  • I’m always inspired by your site’s travel photography. Absolutely stunning photography!

  • Brian

    Hi Trey, I am the security person you gave a card to in the Morning Room. Remember I told my partner I got the card with the bare breasted woman. Anyway, the Gothic Library is my favorite room in the house. I saw something when looking at the photo on flicker. Someone tagged it and said something about not affording air conditioning. Actually this is a beach house where the wind blows year round and when Hearst was here the house was always open with ocean breeze. I live right down the road in Cambria and like Hearst, we don’t need no stinking air conditioning. You do very nice work and I enjoye perusing your blog.

  • Facebook User

    Ah! I’ve been here !! I would love to go back with my camera … just had a video camera with me last time.

  • what an incredibly beautiful picture of a beautiful homey place!

  • I like writing, hurriedly, not that you are not

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