A Great Day at the Google HQ!

Check Out this Workshop near LA

For you are in the LA Area (or willing to travel for an interesting workshop), join my friends Frederick Van and Joeseph Linashke for their workshop at nearby Joshua Tree.  These guys have worked hard to put together a really excellent program… you can visit the website to see everything that is included!

New Interview Up with Ron Martinsen

I had an interview with the extremely nice Ron Martinsen.  Head on over Ron’s photography blog to have a loosee!  He also has a nice discount code on my textures tutorial, in case you have been waiting for a good deal!’

Daily Photo – A Great Day at the Google HQ!

Wow that was a cool experience.  Those guys and gals over there are super-nice.  You never know…  I guess maybe Google seems somewhat intimidating from the outside, but after I met guys like Cliff, Brian, and Chip — I felt right at home.

I gave an hour-long talk in one of their theaters there.  It was super-packed and people were standing all around because seats were gone.  We were graced with the presence of one Sara Jane Todd from @Peachpit to help out selling books – and we sold out!  Also, my Brazilian friend Fabio, the editor of Abduzeedo was there too, so it was great to see him.

The [email protected] (video link) program has a neat deal where they subsidize books, so Googlers don’t have to pay full price.  I saw all kinds of cool stuff and took a lot of pics.  I have to get most cleared with Google Corp Comms before I can release… but I nabbed shots of a spaceship, a new pseudo-holodeck, and more mysteries await!  We even got to eat lunch there in the Google cafeteria, which had some of the most excellent food I’ve ever had in such a setting… they even have a small organic farm on the campus… well, I could go on and on…  but I was very impressed and happy to meet so many enthusiastic people!

The video should be done in the next 2-3 weeks or so.  We’ve got good-man Brian at Google slaving away on editing the whole thing together!

A Great Day at the Google HQ!

  • Great clouds…

  • wow .. spectacular .. I bet this would be Google HQ’s best photo ever 😀

  • The mirror image is a beauty!

  • Awesome shot Trey.

  • Depsite being a Microsoft guy, I can really appreciate your shot! I apprecaite your kind words about me too – thanks!

    Best of luck,
    Ron Martinsen

  • Ali

    Great photo, as always. Google is a really awesome company. Glad you had fun!

  • Love the image Trey!

  • Beautiful photo of Google HQ. Wow, looks like a nice place to work, if you have to work 😉 !! Glad you had so much fun there, sounds exciting!!!! Thanks for posting and sharing your fantastic work!!!!

  • This is another great photo. I love the colors and texture of the building.

  • Suzi

    I saw a photo essay once on Google HQ. Man, what a dream place to work! Nice exterior shot.

  • Facebook User

    Great photo!!! I am looking at getting my first SLR so I am eager to use your tutorials and start shooting.

  • Thanks for the nice talk yesterday and book. Love your right brain explanations, art can only be experienced.

  • casusan

    What a cool shot! And google looks and sounds like a great place to work!

  • Great comp, great details and awesome reflection! Well done!

  • Hey Trey,

    Right on that seams like a good day @ Google in LA area. I am planning on meeting U @ 4pm this thurs “public photowalk on Thursday, Feb 4 at Stanford. 4 PM at @ The Oval http://is.gd/7aozE .

    I am concerned because I did not read all the fine print about the 5:30pm talk you are having (Your orig e-mail/newsletter I thought offered an “Open Invitation” to the 5:30pm talk you are having)…I invited a group of Flickr people (not many of them can make it because of day jobs & the 4pm time to begin). Today just to confirm everything I noted (Within this daily photo post) you mention that the talk is “Private??” Help, I have fallen & I cannot get up! LOL, but not really.

    Anything that could be done, I am scrambling for a Silicon Valley contact…last minute of course. See U @ 4pm on Thurs, looking forward to reading your book. Mark http://www.flickr.com/photos/a02toyota/

  • Thanks all!

    Mark, well, I was invited to speak there at Stanford, but it turns out that we are having trouble getting an auditorium – will post more soon!

  • Bruce Trinh

    Hello Trey,

    Another great pic! I would like to know what lens did you use on this? Also, I notice in some of your pics you create this skewed-look effect (like on the left side of this picture where part of the building looks compressed/slanted). How do you create this effect? Did the lens create this or was it it done in post editing? I really enjoy looking at your daily pics.

    Thanks in advance!


  • THanks! It is a 14-24 lens – it does a lot of angle-leaning auto-magically! Some people detest that effect – but I think it is cool

  • Hey Trey, thanks for the response back within this tread. I do have some people in the valley (some heavy hitters through family & friends) that I could get in touch with as a favor to gain access to your room @Stanford which you are currently scrambling for. Hope you can get this 5:30pm room secured soon cuz I will have a harder time pulling a favor as we get up to Thursday (Tomorrow) of course.

    Look forward to meeting you @ 4pm for the photo walk, and if it comes down to NOT getting into the talk that is ok as well. Bring some books with ya @4pm, I would like to buy a signed copy from ya man!



  • My employers. 🙂

  • Mark,

    Thanks for the help — I think it will probably be too late to have a talk… but, if there is a room, there is a room.. I’d be up for it.

    I’m afraid I don’t have any more books – they all sold out at Google!

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  • Hey Trey,

    Yes bummer on the 5:30pm…If I had had more time, I would have been able to do something for ya (I’m not Google, but you get the idea). Anything for homemade fudge @ this point!!

    For anyone who is going, Stanford U has kinda a tough parking policy http://transportation.stanford.edu/maps.shtml … Best parking in the area & 24hrs for $3 CalTrain Station just outside of the gates: 95 University Ave, Palo Alto, CA? – (800) 660-4287? http://is.gd/7I5bL Not more than a 6 block hoof

    See Ya @ 4pm man,


    FYI I gotta copy of Ur book procured as of today (I gotta pick it up still) & will take ya up on the signing man thx.

  • Great composition. Can’t. Stop. Moving. My. Eyeballs. Arrrrgggg…

  • Trey, thanks for coming out. The talk and workshop were both helpful and enjoyable.

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