Nikon D3S Review is up – with sample video

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The Reviews section of the site is filling up fast! I only review stuff that I actually use, but I find myself using more and more stuff! Also, I figure that most people don’t have time to wade through a hundred reviews, and you just want the best stuff out there… that’s what I focus on – The Best Stuff!

Some recent popular reviews include the Nik Software Review, the Woopra Review, and the still-growing Nikon 85mm Review.

Nikon D3S

It’s a great camera. It’s so great I bought one to be a backup for my D3X. Truthfully, it’s more than just a backup — well, rather than repeat myself, you can read the full thing on the Nikon D3S Review page.

Here is a sample video taken with the Nikon D3S.

The D3S is very fast with low noise, so it makes for a great hand-held HDR weapon in your arsenal… and, with that, here is a new photo for the day:

Enola Gay

This is a 5-exposure HDR of the Enola Gay at the Air and Space Museum in DC.  It was shot with a 14-24 lens and the Nikon D3S.  The aperture was F/8 and ISO 200.

Last, here is a picture of my daughter Isabella in very very low light, where the D3S really excels

d3s review (4 of 4)

Here is my daughter in downtown Tampa.  How’s that for low-light performance?  Shot with an 85mm 1.4 lens.  This is ISO 1250 on an 85mm lens shot at f/1.4.  1/90th of a second.

  • Very creative work as always. Beautiful quality outta that camera. Cool music too Trey 🙂

  • casusan

    Wonderful Trey!

  • Love the museum shot! These new cameras are awesome and great captures as usual!

  • This is SUPER image! Fantastic!

  • The video and its quality are quite impressive! Your daughter is beautiful and the shot above is quite showing of that – love the name Isabella. Great work on the Enola Gay as well! Always good stuff from you Trey – thanks!

  • Love the photo of Enola Gay. All that shiny metal looks so beautiful!!!! And the picture of your daughter, Isabella, is so cute. She is precious!!!!! Enjoy your children, before you know it, they will be grownups!!!! And with all the fun you are having traveling around the world, time must really “fly” for you 😉 !! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • sriram

    HI Trey,
    You have BEAUTIFUL mind ,you can see & show the world around U more beautifully..*-*

  • Great shot, Trey. The warm foreground and cool background make an interesting transition.

  • Martin

    Great shot of the EG!
    The video is very impressive. Thanks for posting.

  • john parkes

    Very clever video! I like the framing of your clips, almost a victorian flavor to the video. The music is somehow appropriate and adds a whole new dimension.
    Your children are adorable!

  • Facebook User

    Great shot at air and space! How did you get that shot? Your tripod must be 10 feet tall 🙂

  • The capture in this photo is fantastic.

  • Thanks very much!

    For the enola gay shot – I was on a catwalk above it a bit….

  • Great shot at the air space museum!

  • I love that video you made and the music with it~

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