The Lotus Mystery

What’s in my bag?

I try to get into my suggested equipment area in the Digital SLR camera secion to keep it fresh every few months.  I added a few new things this weekend and generally cleaned it up.  Maybe you will see some goodies in there!  It’s sort of a text-version of what’s in my bag.

Bamboo Forest Print, Finally Available!

This has now joined the small selection of Limited Edition Numbered Series prints.  We only do these in series of 250, so that they remain scarce and unique. In fact, this is now the only way we release prints..  You can get a smaller on fine art paper for as low as $99, and then it scales up from there.  I suggest the stunning 72″ giant canvas size that will go in your living room. Look, I don’t really want (or need) to oversell these things… If you want it, then you can easily get it… I just post soft reminders every week to let you know which new print has come available, and this one is a highly anticipated release.

The Bamboo Forest and some great Twitter Lists to follow

Daily Photo – The Lotus Mystery

You perhaps have seen this “lotus” shape on the top of many SE Asian temples (and India as well as many more places).  It’s a peaceful and beautiful shape that has deep meaning to many of these cultures.  There is something naturally soothing about its contours.

While I took this photo in Cambodia, a small Thai girl would come bring me hot Vietnamese coffees every 15 minutes or so.  These are strong coffees that are mixed with sweet condensed milk.  They are thick, sweet, and tasty. I remember it all fondly…

On most of these little trips, nothing goes as planned… but I go into the adventure knowing this will be the case, so I effortlessly roll through most of the mishaps because interesting and unexpected things always end up happening.

The Lotus Mystery

  • This was comment 74 on the SLR page, but it was actually in response to this notification of an update:

    An interesting addition to the DSLR page would be a brief couple of paragraphs saying what you carry in different scenarios. When you did your Yellowstone shots and accompanying video, what was in your bag? When you go on a business trip and bring along your camera, what is in your bag. This is a tough thing for me. I am carrying my laptop and related things for work, but want to carry my camera as well. Just picked up the 14-24 yesterday and along with the D700, thats a lot of weight. Add a laptop and more and we are hitting back-breaking levels. Seeing what you typically carry for different types of trips would be very interesting.

  • There’s another photo with almost exactly the same composition as this one:

    The HDR effect really makes this one shine though!

  • casusan

    Beautiful Trey!

  • Love the Bamboo Forest, bet it will sell out fast!! Lovely photo of the Lotus Mystery!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Really nice shot. The Bamboo Forest is the one I was asking you about. Glad to see it up for sale.

  • Ed

    I also remember getting that great coffee in this spot. it is lovely having that when you have to be there so early in the morning to catch the sunrise.

  • Jack Rice

    Sounds good, though like Matt said, a “in my bag” kind of thing would be pretty cool.

    Can imagine that’ll be a popular print, it’d look great that big.

    It looks very still and tranquil, yet quite dark too, probably because of time of day thought. One of the more subtle HDRs though, quite nice.

  • Matt – thanks – yes I should make an extended post about what is in the bag – maybe with a video ! 🙂

  • That’s my first comment on your website.
    I really love your work.
    Your shots are really amazing !
    Keep up the good work.
    The Bamboo Forest lets me speechless…
    It would make a beautiful wallpaper for my desktop…
    I guess it can’t be downloaded. Am I wrong ?
    Nice job again.

  • coffee

    “While I took this photo in Cambodia, a small Thai girl would come bring me hot Vietnamese coffees every 15 minutes or so”.

    did you actually visit cambodia? the above comment does not make any sense at all. i have been there over 30 times and shot much better images than the above pic and i use film! i’m not having a go at you trey but thai’s do not make coffee for tourists in cambodia and the coffee is nothing more than cheap nescafe with some sweet milk. but yes, it’s tastes great and adds to the sunrise atmosphere.

    after reading your comment on this shot i simply have come to the conclusion that a fair amount of what you are saying is not true – your credibility just went down a notch in my books.

    good luck to you but for now i think they’re just a bunch of very shape photo-shopped images.

  • you have such beautiful photos… i saw your work on tumblr, i reblogged it with your link. can’t wait to see more!

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