Wormsloe, the Endless Forest of Savannah

My Biggest Photo Ever and Flickr can’t handle it

The TIFF of the photo below is 984 megs, and the JPG is 124 megs! It’s about 16,000 pixels across and very fun to zoom in on as you go down the lane. I dropped it to 12,000 pixels so I could upload, but, I feel a little short-changed!

You can see the Original Size below, zoomed into 100% down the middle of the lane…

I wish Flickr would offer a premium subscription where I could post huge photos. I’d gladly pay $200 a year for a premium subscription that gets me all sorts of extra features, like big photos, high quality videos like my Vimeo sub, tier 1 tech support, and all sorts of other goodies.

Another Forest Photo, Hanging at HQ of Flickr Competitor

The fine people at Smugmug (see my portfolio there at StuckInCustoms.smugmug.com) have chosen my Bamboo Forest photo to hang inside their headquarters in California.  They are actually building a 60″ lightbox behind it.  I’ll see it in person in a few weeks when I go visit the crew there.  I’m looking forward to it!

Daily Photo – Wormsloe, the Endless Forest of Savannah

My friend Scott Kublin (who made it to my Favorites page on my iPhone… he was at the bottom, but I just moved him up above the babysitter) lives in Savannah, so it was good to visit him on my little road trip. He commented that regular visitors to Stuck In Customs would probably like to see current shots while I am traveling around!  So, here it is! However, this one took about 3-4 hours to edit, five cups of coffee, and several pieces of pie. Did you see my little “Buy Trey Chocolate For Energy” there in the right column? Yes, I burn through copious calories to create these things. This one almost broke my back, but I am very happy with it.

Some of you may remember this place from Forest Gump… A lot of it was shot down in Savannah. Besides Wormsloe, I also visited some amazingly moody cemeteries, draped in mossy trees. I’ll get to editing those photos another time… maybe when I get back home to Texas!

Wormsloe, the Endless Forest of Savannah - 16,000 pixels wide!

Wormsloe Full Zoom

The photo above, zoomed to 100% in Photoshop, right down the lane…

  • casusan

    Oh wow! This is gorgeous – love Savannah – glad to see some of your travels! Super Trey – the 100% is the best!

  • Very very cool! Love those trees. I gotta get up there someday 🙂

  • Thanks!

  • Ok, so what makes this image so large? Panorama, gigapan? Please explain for the nerds out there that want more than just a pretty picture. 😛

    By the way, it is an awesome pic.

  • Jon

    “we’re gonna need a bigger dock”… just how many apps do you have lined up on that Mac’s doc!?!?!
    Cool pic though 🙂

  • I’m with Matthew: how did you make this? Please explain!

    Marvelous pic, the detail when zoomed in is awesome!

  • Hey Trey …. fabulous shot. Is this a stitched panorama or did you upscale the original? What panorama s/w are you using or do you do this in Photoshop?

  • oh my 16k pixels :O 984megs.. just wow. Great shot with ridiculous quality, in a good way 😀 I’m with the above guys as well, what is it? A huge panorama?

  • Gail

    Very beautiful photo of the forest road, Trey!! Can’t get the facebook connect to work this morning, I can log in, but the stuck in customs page doesn’t come back up with facebook 🙁 . But I’ll post your pictures as usual, so they will still me on my facebook album. Thanks for sharing beautiful Savannah!!!

  • sriram

    Wow this looks awesome….hatsoff*—*

  • Thanks all!

    Matthew, Patrick, Stuart, Joseph (and others) – go ahead and guess how I made it ! Hehe… I know some of you have already… but keep on guessing. I think it’s usually better to guess rather than know the exact answer right away. This is a good trick that I think anyone can do.

  • Mukul D

    Is this a Genuine Fractals product??

  • Killian

    Absolutely amazing.

    Have you looked at SmugMug? I’ve heard that on some things, they can be better than Flickr. Perhaps this would be one of them?

  • Absolutely beautiful, on my computer that file size would have made my computer explode!

  • That is a fantastic photo. I love the size and colors.

  • doesn’t gigapan.net support this kind of large pano file?

  • This ranks pretty high in my Trey all time best list. Outstanding work.

  • You take the most amazing photos I have ever seen.

  • Love both versions of this photo. Love the way Photomatix brings out the colors. Just redid a three exposure waterfall and colors are similar to this one.

  • Thanks everyone !

    Tim – you can do this sort of thing with Gigapan – but that is not what I used….

    Mikul – maybe maybe keep guessing… !

    Killian – yes Smug is good — I am finding out more and more about them! 🙂

  • Ed

    Holy megapixels Batman! That’s huge, amazingly detailed and just gorgeous!

  • Ok here is my guess. 12 separate frames taken and stitched using Photo shop (or perhaps some panorama software like AutoPanoPro) and then repeated at 3 or 5 different exposure settings. Frames at each exposure setting stitched then into panorama then the 3 (or 5 panoramas) imported into Photoamatixpro for the HDR magic!!

    Well … that’s how I would have done it!

  • OMG, Trey. This is absolutely awesome. I’m not even going to start guessing, just enjoy.

  • Wonderful Image Trey! Glad to see you are visiting the fine folks at SMUGMUG!

    As said above SMUGMUG should be able to handle your large size. They were the only company that could handle the size and bandwidth required for Vincent LaForet Reverie video

  • Trey, this image is stunning. Any plans to try to create a print?

    I’m glad to hear you’re learning more about Smugmug. I am a thrilled customer of theirs. They really take care of their customers and offer a fantastic service too.

  • Jack Rice

    Crumbs, pretty big =| mmm, I’d either say Genuine Fractals too… but then it also may be a panoramic stitch, as already suggested…. though my final guess would be something to do with resolutions and dpi? remember trying something before getting Genuine Fractals where uploaded 300dpi to get 72, but changing it back to 300 for printing large scale and got a higher resolution that started with. Not sure if it worked particularly well, though may’ve been better than just changing the image size 😛 will be interested to hear how though

  • prosem

    Shot it with a 50mp camera?

  • prosem

    btw you have to have a 16core machine to process that sucker!

  • Observing those photos was like swimming in gold coins. What a pleasure, thanks Trey! Your fan @victusfate

  • It doesn’t look like a gigapan because of the keystoning on the structure. You can see signs of distortion from the wide angle lens on the far edges as well. You can also see some “fractal” effect on the trees just beneath the arch from the genuine fractals software. My guess is that it’s a single photo from the D3x enlarged by genuine fractals.

  • I live about an hour north of Savannah in Hilton Head. I can appreciate what Savannah has to offer photographer.Lots of History.

  • This is now one of my favorites of yours, Trey. I really love this image.

    Even a 60MP Phase One back is only ~9000 pixels on the long side. You could’ve done multiple shots and stitched it. That would explain 3-4 hrs of editing, or more. You could’ve shot it on 4×5 film and scanned it at around 1200 or 2000 dpi… But judging from your earlier comment you probably resized the original with Genuine Fractals.

  • “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” country. It was amusing to do a 3-shot-bracket HDR 7-shot fisheye spherical panorama in HDR (21 images). Files get pretty big. Pretty amazing results with HDR and VR put together. Also did that with three ranks of portrait shots with a 14-24 (30 degree azimuth separation). Let’s see. That was 3X6X3 = 54 images from a D-700. Lots and lots of pixels. Gonna try some of that at Monument Valley this spring.

  • Randy

    Truly amazing … I’m a ‘newb’ to HDR, but I am facinated beyond imagination. Trey – thanks for sharing so much of what you do – a real inspiration, and huge asset to the photo community.

  • Thanks!

    Stephen – I am sure we will offer prints one day on this one yes…

    And great guesses everyone – remind me in a few days and I will put up the answer… no one is right yet though…

  • What type of mac do you use, a Mac Pro?

  • Excellent work Trey!

    I’ve always wanted to do a huge Panoramic. Somewhat like this shot. The only way I was able to do it was by stiching zoomed in shots. At that time the size was 295Megs. Can’t wait to hear your secret.

    Any chance you’ll make it out to Oregon in the near future? I would be interested in classes..


  • Ali

    This photo radiates with sexiness. Nice job!

  • Wow, this is amazing, guess I have to bookmark this page and remember to come back to it to find out the secret. My best guess would have been genuine Fractals aswell.

  • Facebook User

    Would you grant a license or permission to use this photo in an upcoming new web site for a Savannah B&B? Who produced this blog? It’s gorgeous!

  • Facebook User

    It could be a camera from Hasselblad or Mamiya… But it’s also too much pixels for them 🙂 Or a combination of Hasselblad camera and Genuine Fractals)))
    OR it’s definitely a high-resolution camera, which is used to survey Mars 😉 It’s said: “The camera utilizes a series of mirrors and lenses that project the image onto a cluster of CCDs rendering images with a resolution up to 20,000 pixels by 40,000 lines”

    With Trey everything is possible! Why not a NASA camera! 😉

    Nice shot, by the way 🙂

  • Facebook User

    Trey! Give us an answer, please! 🙂

  • Will do – want to answer it in the Newsletter first! 🙂

  • Some real beauties of this magical place Trey. I am just down the road a few and Savannah is one of my favorite imaging sanctuaries! Hope you enjoyed your visit to the golden isles -;0)



  • David

    I’m guessing that there is a upsampled wide angle image, with a “zoomed” in image in the center. The center image has been feathered into the upsampled wide angle image in Photoshop. That is why it took so many hours to edit. Nice job.

  • David

    Another way to say it is that the center image is 100% original size and the wide angle is scaled larger to fit.

  • mickael

    i really like your photo it really communicates something, i am beginning in HDR and i found your work very interesting i am now doing some cours on http://www.photoserge.com it helped me a lot and i am shure anyone could learn some with it. keep up the good work!

  • Trey! You didn’t answer in the letter 🙁 Or maybe have I missed? Answer here, please! 🙂

  • Trey, I really wait for the answer in the next newsletter on the question about how you made such a great shot with this quality! Thanks!!!

  • Thanks all – I believe it was in Newsletter #10 – all is there ! 🙂

  • Still…then we’d have to call the game ‘The Endless Forest with a Random Savannah’ one of the reasons there isn’t a lot of grass is because the more foliage you have the harder it is to run the program on a computer. For instance, the area known as the Blue Bowl (the dip with all the blue berries in the birch forest) runs realllly laggy on most computers, imagine what a huge area of swaying grass would do.

  • Lee Tanner

    Absolutely beautiful!

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