Another Magical Disney Fireworks Show

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Every week a new print comes available in Limited Edition Numbered series. This week it is “The Fallout Bunker”, the unique and wonderful airport architecture in Thailand. This is the sort of print may not work so well in a traditional home (like my others), but for the right environment, it will be a real stunner.

Stuck in Customs in Space

Daily Photo – Another Magical Disney Fireworks Show

Disney has a very cool “Pirates and Princess” party where they really take their fireworks to the extreme. I worked hard to find a nice reflective surface, even though I had to elbow a few little princesses to get this spot. They started to complain, and I just said, “Stop being such a princess!”

Now, if I can only convince the Powers That Be at Disney to fire off these fireworks at dusk – now THAT is a photo. The thing is… everyone shoots off their fireworks in pitch black, well, because everyone ELSE does. However, I can make a strong case that fireworks look better when there is a bit of ambient light in the air. The fireworks are still bright and beautiful — they do not have to be against a pure black backdrop to “pop”.

Another Magical Disney Fireworks Show

  • “Stop being such a princess!” Hahaha.

    Great shot!

  • Trey, btw Assuming you come to NZ, I’d like to offer you (a) pickup from the airport (b) you’re welcome to stay at our place, south of Auckland – room for one or two (sorry not the whole family) with broadband (fiber) internet in your room. (c) dinner sometime you’re in Auckland area (e) take you about sometime to see various sights / nice bits of countryside. Whatever. Sure you must get offers like this all the time. Anyway, regardless I hope you have a great time here and perhaps you’ll let me post some of your shots on my NZinHDR site.

  • Wonderful photo of the fireworks at Disney. Wouldn’t it have been nice if such a place existed when I was a kid!!!! I am a kid at heart, but from Montana to Florida is a long trip just to go there, not that I don’t have relatives to visit there in the winter. But if wishes were fishes, lol. Thanks for taking me places I can’t afford to go to!!!!!!

  • Thanks!

    Beautox – thanks so much for the invite – we are going to have a photowalk in Auckland and possibly one in Christchurch — you are of course invited to that — as for my family plans – I am not sure yet !

    Gail – No problemo – thanks again!

  • jacy joypals

    Fabulous Trey! I agree that fireworks are absolutely stunning in “twilight”, would love to see them. Disney Princess is great but greater when you can take away an image like yours as a remembrance.

  • I must admit you do surprise me all the time with your HDR sense… This is wonderful. I’m trying as well but it’s still a while to go . My best wishes! Salut!

  • I have a lot of information on HDR on my website str8photography dot com check it out you won’t be disappointed 🙂

  • Ali

    Wow! I can’t tell you how fabulous that is because there are just no words to express such emotions. Thanks for sharing!

  • casusan

    Amazing shot Trey!! Disney looks so fun!

  • Was the disney shot created with 1 shot or multiple?

  • Facebook User

    trey, you need to check out disney fireworks in the summer……light much later, and fireworks start before its absolutely dark !!

  • Facebook User

    We are headed to Disney this summer. Do they give people a hard time when they bring in tripods?

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  • Paul

    At first I just saw the photo and not the text of the “fallout bunker” and realized I had been there, but couldn’t place it. Of course it is Bangkok airport! Love what you did there – takes an already interesting airport to the next level.

  • I’ve never been given a hard time by Disney for bringing my tripod to the parks, and I’ve done it dozens of times. Just be prepared for other guests to mistake you for one of Disney’s own PhotoPass photographers (that happens to me several times a day when I’m there), and to be very careful that guests don’t trip over the legs of your tripod when it gets crowded.

    And Walt Disney World isn’t doing the Pirate and Princess Party anymore, though they do still have fireworks most nights.

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