Grand Central Station and a Workshop Weekend with Scott Bourne

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I am going to mention this tomorrow during the workshop with Scott Bourne, but I get inspiration and ideas from a great variety of sources outside of photography. Unfortunately, I find that photographers stay in the bubble too much and keep reading the same sort of thing. I put together “Trey’s Book List” here on the site for you. It’s filled with all types of subject matter from genetics to physics. For example, if I ever run into a fellow artist that also has a passion for Richard Feynman, we always become fast friends!

Another Nice Testimonial for HDR Spotting

I am glad some more people are getting into the private beta of – as always, the goal of the site is to showcase interesting HDRs from all over the world to drive more traffic and attention to YOUR website. It’s built on top of something we call an “Attention Generation Engine”. As we tweak all this out and iterate, we hope to open it up to more and more people!

There are invite codes out there – just ask around on Twitter or look in the HDR groups in Flickr or FB — NOTE – I do not give them out – so sorry I can’t help you (by design!).

Here is a nice testimonial from Gaensler (see his latest amazing shot on Flickr)

Since uploading my images on HDR Spotting the attention I get on my work increases tremendous! This encourages me to upload one image every single day, which is a great challenge due to the matter of only sending my best images. So HDR Spotting is pushing me further in my work and the comments I get from the community refuels my creativity!

Daily Photo – Grand Central Station

When I was in NYC a few weeks ago for the book party, I took some time one rainy evening to invade Grand Central Station without a tripod pass. I did not even know I could get such a thing easily, because the process for picking one up requires looking in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leopard’. (tip of the hat to the great Douglas Adams).

But even with my illegal tripod in hand, and in cool and casual defiance of the three-legged police, I strode around Grand Central Station taking photos with reckless aplomb. I really wanted to get on a train and go somewhere! But, I didn’t… I just walked out the exit and right into another amazing photographic situation!

The Grand Central Station

  • Very nice shot ! I just started photography roughtly a month ago and i’m aiming to get some HDR shot like yours !

  • Thanks for another great posting and photo Trey !
    It’s always great inspriration for your fans over the pond here in the United Kingdom !
    Have a great day !
    Steve (a.k.a. @carmarthenshire)

  • Trey, as always stunning. By the way is there also some “texture” work that goes into a picture like this one or is this one only the HDR workflow? Thanks

  • I love this photo – I have been to this station before but never got a photo of the interior. Next time I am in NYC this will certainly be on my shoot list. Can’t believe you got away with using a tripod! Good job

  • Wow, great photo, Trey. How many people go into the station and never look up!!! Really beautiful, thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend, all!!

  • casusan

    Great one Trey! The detail is cool – have fun this weekend!

  • Fabulous photo! I’m waiting for it to turn into a video and have people come crawling out of the woodwork to dance! How cool would that be? HDR dancing video!!! Are you working on that?

  • Adam Schmid

    Great shot as always Trey! I am surprised to hear that you need a “tripod pass” in order to take shots with a tripod in there. It’s such a bummer that so many places do not allow tripods. So many great photos go uncaptured due to these stupid tripod rules. Glad to hear though that you didn’t get caught by the tripod police and were able to take such great photos!

  • Another great one, Trey! Awesome!

  • I’m finding the same sort of thing with HDRspotting. Initially I wondered whether I’d be able to find anyone who thought my images were worthy of an invite code, but I managed to grab one. Then I wondered whether I would be able to get any images accepted. As it happens, nearly all the images I submit get in the “featured” category, with one “editor’s choice”. And even better, that one is currently #6 on “popular”. This has rekindled my photography interest and I’ve learned a lot from the site about composition.

    Like the book list as well. Some of the most interesting people I’ve known in my (50) years have been techno-nerds who have also been artists. Few and far between unfortunately. I’m sort of in this category, writing software and running a software company for a living (just my wife and I). I’m definitely a techno-nerd but the artist part is still open to question..

  • Thanks all –

    Victor – this one has no Texture – just straight up HDR

    Beautox – thanks for the nice note – glad you are on! 🙂

  • Facebook User

    I have tried an HDR here a few times but the activity of people are enough to disrupt a photo with a low ISO . My thoughts are that you were there relatively early /Late because Normally , You would not be able to see the floor . There are more people here at this location daily that In most small states .

    Beautiful image as always . Great work . Jimmy

  • Thanks Trey for the HDRspotting effforts and opportunity, the “Attention Generation Engine” in it’s beta is doing a wonderful job!

    Cheers and a vision filled holiday to you -;0)


  • Thanks Trey good to know, and again amazing. I’ll keep reaching for the stars and can’t wait for the seminar DVD.

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