Getting a Bottle at the Bar

Workshop Fun!

We are just starting an amazing HDR workshop down here in Austin. It won’t be the same as being there, but a DVD will be available soon after, so be sure to sign up for the free newsletter so you can find out first!

The Austin workshop ended up being a fairly exclusive event, and we priced it at $1,000 per attendee.  I  knew it would be popular and that there was an enthusiastic group of people out there, but I did not expect the whole thing to sell out in 11 minutes (after crashing the StuckInCustoms server for 30 minutes after it became available!)!   I’m excited the date has finally arrived and I am very excited to teach people, make new friends, and do my best to take their photography to the next level.

My other workshop next weekend with Scott Bourne in Florida is also sold out!  There may be last-min cancellations, so watch for that.  That will be a fun event and I look forward to meeting a bunch more people and sharing this new sport with them.

People always ask about potentially doing other workshops. I have no immediate plans, except perhaps one in New Zealand next month.

Appearance on Sunday night at BookPeople

On Sunday evening, come to BookPeople before 7 PM to the Austin Photography Group.   Feel free to come by and hear my little talk on HDR.  I’m also happy to meet people, sign books, and this sort of thing.  Come to the presentation hall on the third floor.  See you there!

New Limited Edition Print Available

Every week, we release a new print, and this week’s is One Night in Bangkok. This was shot very soon after I arrived in Thailand. It took me forever to find a good view of the famous Wat Arun. But then, not only did I find the perfect spot, but it happened to be on the deck of a delish Italian restaurant.

One Night in Bangkok

Daily Photo – Getting a Bottle at the Bar

What a cool place! This is another one of those photos that just has amazing detail of the incredible decor. It is an underground bar in Kuala Lumpur that I could not stop taking photos inside! As you can see, there are no bad angles in a place like this, so it is very fun to compose.

I’ll have a little challenge that I will give out at the workshop where we all shoot the same subject matter to see who can get the most interesting composition. This bar is a very cool place because there are a ton of interesting compositions, but also some bad compositions. I’m not sure one can actually “teach” composition… but I suppose I can try!

Getting a Bottle at the Bar

  • Hello
    This is one of your top 5
    I strive to get to your level
    What an inspiration

  • Wow… great shot!
    The colors, shades, the bottles … amazing.

  • Amazing, colorful, photo!!! What a neat place to visit. I think you posted a photo of the underground market with the bottles once, but this is even better with all the colors of the bar added. Great job, Trey!!! Thanks for taking us with you on your travels!!!

  • Luv this one….. Beautiful Trey… Easily one of your best treatments.

  • See ya tomorrow nite Trey! U must be one tired dude! Kudos!

  • Wow! Let me in there with my fisheye. Fantastic.

  • Just keep looking at this one and you see more & more! Awesome image! See you in Tampa next wekend!

  • Amazing place!

  • casusan

    Oh wow! What a cool bar – beautiful and colorful Trey – the detail is amazing!

  • This would be a fun place to just get lost in with your camera. Great shot.

  • That is amazing! So overwhelming, yet so beautiful.

  • Howie

    The picture is great like to have seen more of the bottle set up, but does any one in this town still have a liver left?

  • Thanks all! 🙂

  • Hi I really love the effect of HDR on your pictures and would love to start experimenting. I do quite a bit of travel as well, and would love to see my pics in HDR. I use Lightroom but I’m not at all familiar or comfortable with Photoshop. Is there any software you can recommend to get started with HDR that’s not PS, and how would my images look if I only used Photomatix Pro, which seems to be the gold standard now? Thanks much for your time and inspiration!

  • Wow, I would hate to see this place after an earthquake, ha. It is amazing. I wonder how long it took them to put it all together…Great picture

  • I love the reds and greens. It’s amazing how you get your colors to coordinate with each other.

  • Jordan

    hi..may i know the this place locate ya??vy nice place here…thanks

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