The Deadfall, and some recent Audio Interviews

Digital Audio Redux

Here are a few recent interview on Audio that you might have missed. Enjoy!

Book Stuff

I know there are many HDR Books out there, so we are happy to make Abduzeedo’s Great Reads for 2010!

Daily Photo – The Deadfall

The hike through this Argentinian national park was beautiful and photographically exhausting!  I usually always carry my camera right on my tripod, and then hold my tripod in my hand as I hike around.  I stop SO often to take photos; I simply cannot imagine all the trouble to re-pack my camera in my bag after every shot.  Then, I feel like, it would be too easy to come up with an excuse NOT to take the photo.

The Deadfall

  • Thank you for the link to our interview. It was wonderful to speak to you and I hope you come back again soon to the show.

  • Great view!

  • Great shot Trey! Who says photography is not a sport?? Its a work out every time we shoot…all the gear we carry, walking or hiking for hours…and pressing a shutter down tons of times! Thats an extreme digit workout! LOL Have fun!

  • Beautiful photo of another part of your Argentenia trip!!! I would love to be standing in that spot!!! Thanks for sharing, Trey!! And thanks for carrying around your camera on the tripod!!! 😉

  • Those mountains in the background are fantastic.

  • casusan

    Wow – the mountains are gorgeous!!

  • Great shot, love the valley/meadow barely visable.
    That’s a good technique and one I use a lot too. The only time I usually store my camera is when I’m in a shady part of a city…then I stow the camera and carry my tripod like a club. Never had any problems. 🙂

  • Margaret

    I did this same hike in ’08. Great spot..

  • Wow, as always, a fantastic shot. I want to get down to Argentina, this just gives me more incentive!

  • Switz213

    The mountains are beautiful, however the rest seems a bit “forced”. Worst shot yet, but still better than any of mine 😛

  • I feel that I would like to see more of that tree stump on the left side of the frame. However the mountains are stunning. Lovely spot for a photograph, keep up the great work!

  • Pol

    Now I don’t feel so nuts for walking around with my camera everywhere 🙂

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