Laser Vision in Las Vegas

Cali and Neal are doing amazing work…

If you subscribe to the free and fun-filled newsletter, you probably have heard me mention Geekbrief.TV several times and what Cali Lewis is up to over there. She uses my art in the background of her shows, and, well, I think they always look amazing. Believe it or not, I can be objective about such matters! Anyway, I was watching a recent Geekbrief.TV episode (see the hi-res too!) and I noticed that they added moving “snow” to one of my images from Whistler, up where they are preparing for the Olympics. The snow looks really great!

In other news, Jeff McCord from the Moxie Mo Show is also using my art in the backgrounds of his video podcasts as well. Fun!

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Daily Photo – Laser Vision in Las Vegas

The new Vegas City Center has opened. Isn’t “City Center” one of the most boring names ever for such an awesome place? This was surely a name that was decided upon by a committee. And, this is precisely why you never see a statue of a committee.

Thankfully, the architects that designed this 21st century piece of art where not part of the naming committee. It is clear they had leeway to design something unexpected and beautiful. Howard Roark would be proud.

Laser Vision in Las Vegas

  • Just simply amazing
    Trey, i look forward to one day when you post before and after photos of your photos and the process you took to create them. This will make us all better at HDR, just a thought
    Also why not offer Stuck in Customs training where one can pay an annual fee like Scoot Kelby does
    Just some ideas
    Speak soon mate
    Maurice from Australia

  • Nice shot, but…

    I get confused by the lights on the upper left side. Are these reflections in the window you shot this through?

  • Max

    Too much glow for my taste, sort of exhausting to look at. Reckon it’s the light overkill.

  • casusan

    Love this Trey! Have wondered what it looks like!

  • Lil too much lights for me. But thats just me. Its pretty disturbing inside the buildings.

  • Very nice. I love those high up shots of a city.

  • This is a very yellow image. I like the illumination of the angled roof panes but the overall image is dominated by the ugly yellow building on the left. And I don’t think these two yellows go well with the yellows from Hollywood and the Eiffel Tower. But I really like the illuminated angled roofs.

  • dan wax


    Have you experimented with using a polarizer and doing HDR?

  • Benjamin

    Cool shot! People may not realize that the two yellow buildings veer apart from one another at 5 degrees – it’s not lens distortion – hence their name – the “Veer Towers”.  

    Coincidentally, I just posted a couple of daytime shots of CityCenter:

    Modern Vegas I:
    Modern Vegas II:

    Just discovered your blog and found you on twitter, loving it!

    – Benjamin

  • THanks all

    Maurice – yes I am going to make some really high-quality HDR videos for sure – just really busy atm.

    Patrick – yes those are internal reflections

    Dan – no – never have – on my list tho!

    And thanks other for the constructive feedback – appreciate it all.

  • Cesario Ribeiro

    Nice shot! It looks like a dream. It’s a petty that the yellow Hollywood building is disturbing it a little.
    Thanks for the inspiration you give me,

  • Excellent photo!

  • Casper van Zyl

    this one is cool

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