The Glacially Still Morning Lake

Speaking at Ignite Austin

Ignite Austin is a most unlikely event – an unexpected format.  Here’s the deal.  I get 5 minutes to speak. All 16 participants go one right after the next in a rapid-fire serial pattern.  There are 20 slides that I will speak to, and each one will be up for 15 seconds before automatically flipping to the next one.  I’ve already submitted my plans, and I guess my thoughts on HDR photography looked to be interesting enough!  You can attend too – the cheap seats are only $5!  Get the tickets here.

Another Nightly Twitter Book-Question Answering Session

I decided to do something kind of different and potentially crazy – I do my best to answer ALL questions about the book on Twitter.  I sat down tonight and announced I was open for questions, and many came in both publicly and via DM.  I got them all answered!  I’m not sure I can keep this up forever, but it is very fun.  I thank you guys for getting the book, and I want to be as accessible as possible to help you with the sport of HDR!

Daily Photo – The Glacially Still Morning Lake

I woke up and my sleeping bag was covered in snow.  Brrrrr it was cold.  And I mean cold!  I had chosen to exile myself from the tent, since I pulled the short straw and had to sleep with Yuri.  He is the worst tentmate ever.  Worst.  Tentmate.  Evar.

Anyway, once I rousted myself (getting dressed IN the snow AS it is falling on you is very strange), I went on a little hike to warm up.  As I crested a hill, I found this beautiful still lake.  The wind had yet to kick up, and I could se the bright blue edge of the glacier burning through the morning fog.  I was so relaxed that I almost forgot to take the shot.  Almost.

The Glacially Still Morning Lake

  • casusan

    Beautifully peaceful scene Trey – gorgeous!

  • Ignite seems like a good fit for your work. I’ve always wanted to attend one!

  • One of your best in my mind. Excellent work! If only I could afford a 60″ print of this!

  • Great shot! The reflections are super.

  • Very peaceful but at the same time mysterious. Great reflections as always. Keep the amazing work coming – your an inspiration!

  • Awesome. You really nailed this one. Was this the one at the book signing?

  • Wow this shot is fantastic! Thanks for inspiring us everyday Trey!

  • I agree with all the comments above, Trey!!! I love this one, so beautiful and peaceful. This one would looke good on my wall right in front of the computer. Would love to gaze at this scene everyday!!! Just to set the record straight, lol. I am not related to Trey. I was just lucky enough to have this website offered on My Yahoo homepage and added, and that’s how it began. I became friends with his Mom via facebook as we have a lot in common. So the tree doesn’t fall far from the acorn, she is a wonderful person. Thus we have Trey, our down to earth photographer friend that it’s a please to know via Stuck In Customs. I better quit, before I give him a big head, lol. But I don’t think that is possible. Ok, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it ;-). I’m just very blessed to come here!!!!

  • This looks like something out of Lord of the Rings! Great looking!

  • fotofreq

    Always a fan of the glacier shots. Nice one.

  • Beautiful. It feels cold.

  • The brown hillside gives a nice anchor to an otherwise completely ‘other worldly’ scene. The clouds make a great veil. I want to rip them back to see what is behind them – frustrating but engaging.

  • Thanks all

    Michael – yes this was the one I talked about and showed at the book signing 🙂

    Gail – thanks! hehe thanks – kind of you! 🙂

  • Beautiful image! Amazing what fog can do for a scene like this.

  • Facebook User

    Stunning image Trey, peaceful and serene.


  • Great work, mate
    did you use ND or any other kind of filters?

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