Red Temple Under in the Moon Forest

New Weekly Print Now Available

There is a new Limited Edition Numbered Print available. As always, prices start at $99 for the smaller paper numbered print and then go up if you want a giant canvas on your wall at home. We just got done showing a bunch of these amazing canvases at the book party in Chicago – they always look so impressive in person!

The print today is a summer reflection of the Grand Tetons in Wyoming across a high-running stream. While I was shooting this, a buffalo snuck up on me from behind. Those things are so big and quiet, it is a little unnerving! There is more info about the process on the Prints page as well.

The Grand Tetons

Daily Photo – Red Temple in the Moon Forest

Most people don’t know this, but I wrote a novel about 15 years ago. The reason no one knows about it is because it was so awful that no one would publish it. I printed out the first few chapters of the book, sent them to countless publishers, and then received countless rejections. I should have saved of them. It was quite depressing at the time, and it only took me 14 years to get over it.

Anyway, I bring this up because part of the story was based in Kyoto, Japan, where this temple is located. I had never been there before, but this is exactly how I always pictured it: peaceful, still, natural, ancient, with the soft sounds of the woods echoing around the old wood. It’s a wonderful place. I’ve done my best to capture the feeling of the place. I only hope I’ve come close to succeeding.

Red Temple in the Moon Forest

  • The wet pavement really adds to the picture. Great shot, Trey!

  • Both photos are superb. If I were rich and had more wall space, I would love the photo you have for sale. We have been past the Tetons many times. Beautiful area!!! And the Red Temple is a beautiful photo, love all the colors. A agree with Patrick, the wet pavement reflecting all the color is great!!! Great job, once again, thanks for sharing!!!!

  • Try to republish the your novel in e-book form, you never know.

    Great picture, It is beautiful and yes you capture its calm.

    Thank you

  • Both shots are beauties. So are the huge prints. I’ve got to get one. Thanks again for joining us on the photo shoot. That was very special for all of us. I’ve enclosed an “homage to Trey”.[email protected]/4242551146/

  • Great pictures. I love the reflection on the river.

  • Morten Kristoffersen

    Hi, Trey 🙂
    Thank´s a lot for sharing these wonderful pictures. With great interest I’v been reading your reviews of camera equipment. In near future I go for Nikon D700 and two of your recommended lenses. I also need an computer (Mac) for processing pictures. Any recommendation? Which spec? What about iMac 27″?
    Best regards Morten K

  • casusan

    Beautiful Trey – just how I pictured it too!

  • Thanks everyone –

    Morten – that 27″ is a sweet machine – I highly recommend it – think about how often you will use it – it’s a great purchase!

  • Morten Kristoffersen

    Thanks again, Trey!
    I´m set in fire by seeing your HDR pictures! Now I just go for both the Nikon and Mac 27″. I really appreciate your tips very much and are longing as a little boy to process my first HDR pictures 🙂 I guess we will speak more, Trey!!

  • Do you need an assistant? I’ll pack my bag and be ready tomorrow. I just want to visit these amazing places and learn to see them through your eyes!

  • Excellent temple shot, Trey! I’d love to adopt Japan as my home-away-from-home. I spent many years there in the military and have a plethora of images. Sadly, I haven’t been there since 2001 or so…well before the advent of accessible digital HDR capabilities. Your image inspires me to conspire a return trip soon!

  • Great pictures and great website. It might be Fushimi Inari Taisha.

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