Peaceful Disney in Resplendent Color

See you in Chicago!

The Chicago Book Launch Party is tonight at the Hotel Sax. It starts at 6 PM, and I’ll be speaking around 7 PM. If you are in the area, stop by so I can shake your hand and say hello! More details on the Facebook Event Page.

Secretly Signing Books at Borders

I’m going into bookstores all over the place to secretly sign my book. I did one today off Michigan Ave in Chicago, put up a quick iphone pic on the FB Fan Page, and sent out a tweet.

It’s causing little tweet-flash-mobs and is very fun! Whenever people are browsing in the section, and then I come up and start writing in a book — they certainly do give me some strange looks! I just give them a knowing nod, and that seems to do the trick.

Daily Photo – Peaceful Disney in Resplendent Color

Dinseyworld is probably the most awesome place in the world, at least, if you are like me and haven’t yet lost your childlike fascination with the fanciful.

I like to visualize things, and I always imagine a membrane in my brain between fantasy and reality. If you have children, or hang out with them much, then you know they have a razor-thin membrane, and thoughts swim back and forth between the two sides. In one moment, they are talking about something completely impossibile and in their heads, and in the next, they are talking about something right in front of them.

As we get older, that membrane thickens and solidifies. The realm of fantasy is for children and the harshness of reality is for adults. At least, this is what society at large wants us to believe. The only time that “grown-ups” are allowed the occasional dalliance into the realm of the fantasy is once or twice a week when they go see a movie. Only in these pre-described theaters and environments are grown-ups allowed to get lost in the fanciful side of things.  (or, maybe you are more like me!)

Peaceful Disney in Resplendent Colo

  • Went to Disneyland last night. Yes, New Years Eve, and got a year pass so I can go shoot pitures whenever the spirit moves me. I am 10 minutes away. I did some hand held shooting also and took pictures that totally dumbfounded PhotoMatix … that turned into an awesome noise generating machine. But we had fun.
    The big parking structure is a great place to watch the fireworks.

  • Great as always, and yes we are all big kids!

    Took my daughter to Tokyo Disney for her 14th, then had my 40th at DisneySea!

    Happy New Year to you and yours

  • Adam

    Great photo of Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World Trey! The colors in the sky and around are great. I still love Disney World and Disneyland and could spend days there even without having any kids! The next time I go I am going to be sure and bring my SLR for some picture taking as well as my tripod.

  • kiwi

    this is not about your image, I was in Barnes & Noble in Springfield, MO 2 days ago,spending my gift card. I found three of your books on the second last shelf, I took one and moved the other two to the top shelf.

  • Nice thought and a lovely image -;0)



  • Absolutely beautiful photo of Disney, love the colors in the sky and all the lights, water, everything!!! Have fun at your book signing party tonight!!!!

  • It has been cold here in the North. This photo makes me long for the warm summer months.

  • It is possible to be responsible and still not grow up. I would hate to thing how boring life could be without imagination and the ability to appreciate the beautiful world that surrounds us

  • casusan

    Oh wow! Absolutely beautiful Trey! The colors, the sky and the reflection – all are awesome! Have fun tonight!

  • Pierric

    One of your best, in my opinion… just magical. I guess Disney and HDR make up a good mix… Congratulations.

  • Borders!? They went into admin over here in the UK! The whole nation cried… ok, slight exaggeration there…

    Also, I have thought of a way you can make 2010 pretty and fun for me: make a 360° hdr panorama! pretty please?

    Nice shot by the way 😀

  • I used to work here and I miss it so much! I would spend my days off walking around and taking in the spectacle of things… Thanks for this view into the Magic Kingdom!

  • Thanks everyone – glad you like it as much as I do! 🙂

  • Trey – I just pulled Disney up on Google Maps and for the life of me can’t tell where you took this picture from! Can you share how you got it?

  • I was secretly signing a few of my books in a B&N in Reston a few years ago and an employee cam over with a local cop and asked me if I was going to buy the books I was “defacing” (all 4 in stock). I explained that I was the author and showed ID with matching name.

    Cop said buy or be arrested, so I wound up buying them at full retail ($50 each).

    The publisher was kind enough to send me 4 free ones, and I returned those to the BN store for credit. Letters afterwards to both local management and BN corp went unanswered.

    No good deed goes unpunished.

  • Facebook User

    How are you able to take photos without any people around.

    Great write-up Trey. I am the type of person that prefers to spend the majority of my time hanging out with my kids. Keeps my imagination flowing.

  • Absolutely so beautiful and serene!

  • Michael – where DID I take this one? Quite a mystery!!! hehe — actually, I don’t know if I can even remember exactly!

    Steve – that is the craziest story I have ever seen – I will tweet this out soon – be sure to leave a link to your book so people can follow up – that is a really stupid situation. To have an author come in to sign books is a very very very cool thing, and any bookstore should be happy to have such a treat.

    Facebook User – I have a few tricks — but too length to explain in comments – sorry I should make a longer article about that.

  • Absolutely beautiful!

  • Trey – I opened up the aperture on places you could have shot this from and it looks like you were in Tomorrowland looking across to the pavilion that the Swan Boats operate(d?) from.

  • PaulCowell

    Trey – How can I find out the status on the international order for your HDR book ?

  • Facebook User

    that would look to have been taken from one of the walkways on the east (right) side of this little pond:

  • Facebook User

    What a great idea to secretly sign the books. I wish I could get one (but since my copy reached me this week here in GERMANY I can stand it :D)
    I just had to think back to you in front of all those books on your ping pong table… still don’t have enough, mh?

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