Belly Up to the Bar with me in Chicago!

Special Advance Notice for Special Communities

I know you all are BUSY. Also, I know you like to come here and hang out with the community since we enjoy finding some of the best stuff, sharing tricks, techniques, and art with you. However, some people go the extra mile. For each little sub-community within Stuck In Customs, I try to do something extra special:

  • Newsletter Subscribers – I gave out a $50 off coupon on something cool just to subscribers, and many acted on it!  Cool!   The Newsletter is free, so why not join?  Besides that, I try to give advance notice on all sorts of things.
  • Facebook Fans – I gave these fine people an advance link to a new review I am doing, so they can see it before anyone else.  The Fan page was started by a Dutch fan, and we are starting to do all sorts of things on it, including a fun discussion on Which Lens do you Want?
  • Twitter Followers – Many times throughout the week, I open it up for questions on the new book or anything in between.  I think it is cool that I can have direct contact with so many people — I really try my best to answer most everyone!  In addition, I sprinkle in all sorts of inspirational art finds and do my best to keep things fun and light – the way the internet should be!

If you are a member of one or more of these special sub-communities – let me know any other ideas you might have!

Chicago Party in a Few Days!

Woo!  This will be fun!  The New York and Austin parties were exciting and fun – I really enjoyed getting to meet people and the like.  Chicago is next.  You can either RSVP on the Facebook Event Page or see more info here on the site!

Chicago Party

Daily Photo – Belly up to the Bar

Here is another shot from the ultra-cook Hotel Sax, where we are having the party mentioned above. The Hotel Sax has tons of these really swanky rooms that have a very nice feeling about them. Now, I don’t drink alcohol at all… which makes awesome bars like this a little disappointing… but not so disappointing if there is someone interesting to talk to!

I actually, on occasion, end up with people who spend half the time talking about previous drinking experiences while having a drinking experience. I suppose this becomes a recursive function at some point… and I guess it’s no different than going out with photographers and talking about other photography outings!

Belly Up to the Bar

  • Looks like a pleasant place for a drink or six. But Chicago in Dec. or Jan. No way, please. I spent 1940-1945 there and some of my earliest vivid memories were of the brual cold and wind. I also remember my dad standing in line for Lucky Strike (Green went to war) and Wings cigarettes. I totally relate to the kid character in McGavin’s Christmas Story dressed up with so many clothes he couldn’t put his arms down.

  • Nice photo of the bar at the hotel, Trey. Great shot!!! Have fun at your Chicago book party. I am enjoying it here in Montana!!!!

  • Great shot! Bring your warm coat. We’re going to have a high of 17 degrees Saturday. 🙁 I’m going to a play and dinner today. It’ll be nice. 20’s and snow. See you Saturday.

  • I like the colors on the glasses. HDR really makes them sparkle.

  • casusan

    Oh wow – cool shot Trey – looks fun!!

  • All these colors! Great shot, Trey.

  • wow, great image!

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