Grand Central on a Rainy Night During the Holidays

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Daily Photo – Grand Central on a Rainy Night During the Holidays

I took this about the same time I went into Grand Central Station and performed my unique star-pattern maneuver to evade security guards. I described it in detail the next day when I spoke at B&H.

I’ve perfected a panoply of techniques to circumnavigate and befuddle security guards who don’t like tripods. Maybe I will write a little e-book on this some day.

Grand Central on a Rainy Night During the Holidays

  • electic !

  • charles

    very cool!

  • Ali

    My normal work schedule starts five in the morning on the average day; it suffices to say that I’m generally pretty freaking tired when I go to work in the mornings. This morning, when I saw this picture, my eyes practically popped out of their sockets, stuck in the trance of this dynamic photo! Very cool photo, thanks for sharing!

  • Can

    Trey, you are my hero! Thanks to you HDR photography became a huge part of my life and I am so grateful for it.

    Everybody look at the blue light rays up right, amazing!

  • Here’s a tip for anyone trying to shoot inside Grand Central with a tripod in future. You can do it “legally” very easily by merely walking into the Stationmasters office (just off the main hall) and asking nicely for a Special Permit for tripod use. The person at the desk will phone someone at the Metropolitan Transit Authority who will talk to you and let you know where you can’t set up your equipment (i.e. in the middle of stairways) then he’ll give the OK to the Grand Central person who will provide you with a red and white sticker that you slap somewhere prominent before heading out to do your nicely-stable photography.

    I had heard that you could get these permits if you arranged them in advance of your visit but had not realised that they could be got immediately just by asking nicely.

  • Mitch Sacks

    The link for a photography permit is on the Grand Central Terminal website.

    Q. If I want to take pictures in Grand Central, would I need a permit?

    A. Anyone is free to take pictures inside Grand Central. However, if you would be using professional equipment like a tripod, you would need to get a permit through Metro-North’s Corporate & Public Affairs Department at

  • Mitch Sacks

    I just remembered this was on Scott Kelby’s blog (from when he went to Grand Central), watch the short video, it’s pretty funny.

  • This photo makes me think of a scene in Batman. Not one that was filmed, but one to be filmed. Nice shot!

  • Back to normal now, great photo!!!! I can imagine being there thru the photo, an exciting time!! Thanks for sharing!

  • casusan

    Awesome shot Trey! This is so colorful and lively – like how you captured the scene!

  • Now that I’ve bought your book, attended B&H, subscribe to your twitter/blog…can you send a code for hdr spotting. I cannot find anyone who has one for me.
    Would be greatly appreciated.

  • Noah

    Amazing shot Trey! On my D70 whenever I try night shots, the noise in the blacks (sky, shadows etc) is filled with so much noise that I just trash them. I’d love to know how you set up for a night shot.

  • Great shot, Trey!

  • Facebook User

    this picture is just crazy, the movement inside, the color line, great captur eand great work!

  • Love the composition and color on this one! I like the fact that you have the Terminal building, the bridge and the Chrysler building all in the same shot.

  • Thanks very much!

    Ellery – I don’t send out codes – sorry! hehe – I know I know – but I get thousands of requests.

    Noah – yes there can be noise — just try to shoot at ISO 100 or as low as possible.. there are many tricks for getting rid of Noise – I offer a few suggestions in my Tut!

  • What is the deal with security and tripods? Sounds “typical’ to me.

  • robin

    don’t you just love New York. One of the best places for doing everything.

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  • PJ

    Hey Trey,

    I notice that a lot of the software you use are “plugins” to photoshop…Is there an alternative software program to photoshop that will allow me to use a product as a plugin…like Gimp for instance?

  • Thanks all —

    PJ – no sorry – Photoshop is the way to go here mate.. no good free alternatives

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