Harmony in Pink

Behind the Scenes at B&H

After my talk at B&H Photo a few weeks ago, I had an unexpected event. One of the head guys walked up to me and offered a full behind-the-scenes tour of their operation. Now, I know only some of you know about this place… but it is basically the valhalla for photographers (with valhalla being the ultimate religious destination for your respective religion or pastafarianism). SInce they are partners of StuckInCustoms.com, they have always gone out of their way to help me out, so I am very appreciative of them.

I recommended their store even before they partnered up! Great prices, no state tax, and they sell a lot more than camera stuff. You can even get huge TVs delivered right to your door and set up in right in your home.

For international people, they even have a prepay tariff-calcualtor, which takes care of all that governmental nonsense to get everything taken care of right away. Smart. That means people around the world can enjoy the greatness of B&H.

Anyway, the sights I saw can hardly be believed. I’ll do a full review of my behind-the-curtain tour when I get some time… but it was just wild… from the robotic conveyor belts to a camera room with a guard where nothing costs less than $50,000 to special equipment that can also be used as weapons and can’t be sold outside of the USA — this place is AWESOME.

New Zealand Seems Excited!

I announced in the newsletter a few days ago that I am going to New Zealand, so I started a little page for Kiwis and Wanabiwis to give me some advice! It’s filling up fast – thanks so much! I’m drinking it all in, and I hope to have a little party there with everyone.

Daily Photo – Harmony in Pink

It was my first evening in Patagonia I was hiking over the low-laying grassy hills. Just beyond were the Andes, but it would be too cold and late to go this night. But, just as the sun dipped below the horizon, it splashed pinks and new blues across the icy clouds.

Harmony in Pink

  • Adam

    Wow, absolutely amazing Trey! I have seen many gorgeous sunsets living here in Arizona but I don’t think I have ever seen that color pink in the sky before.

    BTW, got my signed copy of your book and print in the mail on Christmas Eve. Excellent job with the book!

  • Paul Parent

    B & H Rocks! I buy all of my gear there and have visited the store a couple times when in NY. I wonder if there is anything there that they don’t have!

  • I love the clouds in this photo.

  • casusan

    Oh wow! How absolutely gorgeous Trey! Love this!!

  • Thanks!

    Adam – hope you dig the book!

  • Dramatic shot! Got my book and print today. Awesome stuff. And the shippers did an great job packing it.

  • Carolyn

    Incredibly beautiful!

  • Facebook User

    I’m about 63 pages into the book so far and am loving it, Trey! It is interesting reading about how you came to be in that location for the picture and then reading the more specific detail about how you took the pic.

    Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to see some more videos from you as well. Also, when are you going to do a workshop or photo walk here in AZ? 🙂

  • I love what you’re doing here at stuck in customs. I have loved watching the blog here evolve!

    The daily photos is freaking outstanding. The colours are blowing me away.

    I used B&H in the past, long before they seemed to have the tariff-calculator feature. Atleast I never noticed it then. I paid quite hefty taxes and duties so I normally use some local or canadian companies to help me out. I’ll have to weigh the options next time to fully compare!

    Appreciate the information

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