The Long Road to the Andes

Guest post on Scott Bourne’s Blog – Black & White HDR Photography

I did a guest post over on PhotoFocus about B&W HDR Photography. There is a quote in there that got tweeted out — “HDR is about light; it’s not about color.” It’s true! Anyway, you can go read the guest post on his site.

Review of David duChemin’s book, Within the Frame

Within the Frame” is a great book and I recently gave it a 5-star review on Amazon. Here is what I said about David’s work:

David presents all of his thoughts in a wonderful and inspiring way.

I find, personally, that the typical photography book is predictable and obvious. I like thinkers that challenge the status-quo, and David certainly falls in that realm. This book will inspire you because he’ll give you new ways to think about stuff you’ve been thinking about for years. If you are the kind of person that just wants old tired dictums being reinforced, then this isn’t the book for you. It’s full of new, fresh thought, smart conclusions, and, of course, beautiful photographs.

The world of Photography is changing, and David is one of the great flag bearers of the new age.

I also invite you to visit David’s website. He’s got his own review of my book there, which was awful nice of him!

Daily Photo – The Long Road to the Andes

There was a series of plane hops and car rides to get down towards the very edge of Argentina. At one point, I felt like I was on this road for a good 5 hours in a very sketchy rental van.

We pulled over to the road to relieve ourselves. I was ill-prepared for how windy this place is. There’s just no good way to capture how windy it was, since everything over one foot off the ground had blown away an epoch ago. The only evidence I have is that this was made with a single RAW file since I could not keep the tripod still for multiple exposures! I could not even keep myself upright! Let’s not talk about how I had to relieve myself; I can simply say there is only one good direction to aim.

Driving into the Andes

  • Yes, in to the wind is not the direction! lol Experience with this? Maybe. 😛

  • casusan

    Beautiful sky Trey! I don’t like wind – it messes up my hair!

  • Facebook User

    Go to Chile 😉
    My Country!

  • THanks!

    Yes I also want to go to Chile — I’ve heard great things!

  • The sky is great. Just make sure you are up wind of others….

  • Paul Johnson

    Nice composition. Received my book today so regardless of what I get for Christmas I know I’ll have something I really want. For future reference, kneeling can make a significant difference in windy climes 🙂 And for our female friends the is a great boon (or so I’m told).

  • I just want to wish you, Tina (we talked at the book signing in NYC) and the rest of your family a Merry Christmas. Thank you for a wonderful year of blogs and an outstanding book.

  • Great picture Trey, your blog and tutorials have been a great source of inspiration to me and helped me through the addictive phase of HDR photography and Photomatix. Just hope that I can find your book in the UK.
    Have a good Christmas!

  • eli

    This must have beeen in Patagonia. With winds doubling your gas consumption, not only problems to relieve oneself, but even to get out of the car safely. 6 hours driving, 10 other cars seen.

  • Looks really great!

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