Dale Chihuly is Awesome… I think he’s my kinda guy!

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Daily Photo – Chihuly is Awesome

I’ve always admired the artist Dale Chihuly. He makes the most outrageous and colorful art in the world. I’d love to learn to blow glass. I saw a great documentary on him in high def about a show he did in Venice… they made all sorts of beautiful things and hung them over the canals. I wish I was there to photograph it! Personally, I think the best way to properly capture the light in these images is with HDR techniques. Other methods of shooting these awesome pieces always come up a bit short, at least, to me.

I shot this a few weeks ago at his new gallery in Las Vegas right in the middle of City Center, which you can see in the background. This is just one shot of many, and I have a lot more jewels from Chihuly to come!

Chihuly is awesome

  • Awesome colors Trey…. Great capture. I guess you did not get to read the last comment on your photo, when time permits, please look at my gallery and pass on your comments.

  • so true, I think this is where HDR works best to show all the light, shapes and colours

  • Facebook User

    Fantastic capture of all the colors Trey! Great work!

  • Definitely a good use of this technique. I’m also a huge fan of Chihuly.

  • Fantastic!

  • Wow, Trey, I can see why you are a fan of Chihuly!!! I would love to see some of his work. Bet I can find him on the net and view his glasswork. Too bad that wasn’t there when we were in Vegas. It was under construction. Thanks for introducing me to another artist. Great photo, too!!! Love how the colors really come out in HDR. Still waiting for our book, guess it will be here when we get back home. I’m sure it’s worth waiting for!!!! 😉 <3 <3 <3 Have a very Merry Christmas from you adopted "mom" in Montana, lol.

  • Perry C.

    Looking forward to reading your book!

  • casusan

    Oh wow! Beautiful vibrant colors – glad you found this place!

  • I love the HDR technique for the blown glass. It really does bring out the colors.

  • Facebook User

    Wonderful shot…….There was a Chihuly exhibit a year or 2 ago, in Miami…his art, all over Fairchild Gardens…..too bad I wasn’t aware of hdr back then!!!

  • megellens

    Beautiful! I’ve loved Chihuly for years, since I lived in the Seattle area. Last spring I attended his exhibit at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, where his glass was set among the cactus. Caught some awesome early morn photos with the sun shining thru the glass. http://www.flickr.com/photos/megellens/

  • THanks so much everyone –

    And thank you for your links in the comments – those are always good. Note that if you put 3 or more links in a comment that my blog thinks you are a “Spammer” and will withhold your comment until I approve.

  • I love art glass, Dale Chihuly’s work in particular. So cool that the Bellagio has a permanent collection. And very, very cool that the Franklin Park Conservatory (Columbus, Ohio) also has a 3,000 piece collection of Chihuly’s artworks.

  • So cool, Trey. Went to his big exhibition here in SF a few years ago. An unforgettable experience. The man’s a genius – you’re not far behind in the genius department either. LOL. Great work.

  • Facebook User

    These shots are before I became an hdr addict, but very cool
    Chihuly stuff, all over Fairchild Gardens in Miami….

  • Facebook User

    I may have to go back, and process some thru single image hdr, and see what happens!!!

  • cool..like the colors…keep up the good work

  • First things first, I somehow always find myself looking for you in photographs where you might have a reflection. Not sure why but it almost seems like a little easter egg.

    Secondly, I got my D90 yesterday. Holy buckets this thing is crazy compared to my lowly RebelXT. Fortunately, thanks to your HDR tutorial, I know EXACTLY where to begin…

  • Hehe great – thanks all and have fun with that d90 jacob!

  • John Keel

    I actually worked on the documentary you saw and was with Dale in all the countries, including the final three weeks in Venice! I was on the video crew but took loads of stills that I’ll scan eventually. Beautiful HDR shot of his Dale’s work.

  • Cool – yes that was a great documentary! Three weeks in Venice… oh… I’d love that excuse to mill around those streets and HDR it up! 🙂

  • I can only imagine how many amazing HDR shots you could get in Venice. The HDR would bring out so much color and texture in all the old buildings. Guess I’ll have to go back … well, one day. But you should go soon for sure!

  • He has some amazing pieces. There are is one REALLY massive one he has at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester that is suspended from the ceiling. It’s quite long but very impressive. I’ve never been able to grab a shot because they don’t even allow cameras in the clinic, let alone a tripod. But I’ve got a plan for next time we’re there.

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  • DHerzog

    Great Las Vegas images, Trey. How do you get the people out? Surely you’re not lucky enough to find all these places deserted.

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