The Edges of the Flatiron, and yes, B&W HDRs are fun!

New Book Images Coming Online

Books are still hitting the warehouses and causing a light holiday panic!  Cool!  I put up some new images of how gorgeous the book looks on the inside on the HDR Book page.  Here are a few quick samples for you!

Book shots (23 of 26)

Book shots (18 of 26)

Book shots (12 of 26)

An Interview at Scott Wyden’s Blog

Scott sent me a very nice interview, and he has just published it.  It’s a quick read for you!

Daily Photo – The Edges of the Flatiron (and yes, B&W HDRs are fun!)

This is the famous Flatiron building in NYC.  I shot it a few weeks ago when I was scouting the location for the book party.

One of the topics we will cover in the HDR Workshop with Scott Bourne in Florida is the topic of creating HDRs in Black and White.  I also have a new article coming out soon about that very subject on Scott’s blog.  I’ll be sure to give everyone a heads up before that hits! 🙂

The edges of the Flatiron

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