In the Nepalese Shadows of Everest

Thanks for the good fight on Kelby’s Blog!

Hehe – my guest post on Scott Kelby’s Blog was not even about HDR, but that is what the discussion down below concerned. I was surprised that we ended up having so many defenders, including the likes of Scott Bourne, RC Concepcion, Moose Peterson, Frederick Van, and many many others! Thanks everyone for the healthy discussion… I do love making art as much as you guys do… so I’m happy we’re all in the same boat!

Daily Photo – In the Nepalese Shadows of Everest

I always like how all these Nepalese monkey statues look a little bit evil. They seem to be a bit like gargoyles, and everyone thinks those things are great. I don’t know why we all like gargoyles so much, but I am never bummed out when I see them on a building.

This photo was shot at Disneyworld in Orlando. It’s a great place to bring your tripod, and I am happy I’ve never had a problem there before. Well, I do have problems with my family sometimes because I get too busy taking photos… but there are so many awesome things — it’s like I’m in Disneyworld!

In the Nepalese Shadows of Everest

  • How do you find a place with no people at Disneyworld? A place like this where you can get a cool picture?

  • Jim

    Great feel to this one. Ok, I am signed up for two days at yours and Scott’s HDR Workshop in Tampa. My wife said I was pretty hard headed anyway and it would probably take two days for it to sink in…… You have had a great year and I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas.

  • I love the blurry prayer flags in this one Trey! Nice work! Any news on the workshop dvd you mentioned?

  • Great photo, love the variation in color. Thanks for sharing, Trey!!
    Meanwhile, our Grizzly U of Montana football team is playing in Chattanoogo, TN, tonight for the championship in their class. Go go go, Grizz!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks!

    Darrin – well — there are people – but I often shoot at F22 so their light disappears by the time they move…

    Jim – Great – well be sure to come over and say hello to me!!

    Dan – Sometime after the Jan wkshop ends…

    Gail – thanks as always – good luck to your team 🙂 I heard the Montana Grizzlies mentioned on This Week In Tech on the most recent episode. John Dvorak collects sweatshirts from colleges and he really wants that one! 🙂

  • Trey, Awesome picture. For a second I thought, you had some tent set up near mt.everest.

    Its a treat to the eyes.

    If you get some time, please look at the couple HDR pictures in my link and let me know if I am doing OK or awful 🙂

  • casusan

    Super shot Trey – wonderful colors!

  • I read the article on Google Reader, so I guess I missed the fight in the comments. Oh well. I guess someone will always have an axe to grind no matter what you do.

  • Hey Trey, dig the idea of HDR in motion? Fascinating that you like to shoot such long exposures in busy spots…

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