The Grand Prismatic and a new Video!

See you today at B&H Photo for the Talk!

Hey, for all those not in New York, can I pick you up anything? Just dump your whole Christmas list in the comments! hehe…

I’ll be speaking today at B&H Photo in their Event Space. It starts at 12 noon sharp, and I’ll be talking about HDR as well as giving a short tutorial… If you have your own book or want a new one signed, I’m happy to do that too!

The Yellowstone How-To Video on Grand-Prismatic

Here is another free video for you all. This one is a bit different than the others, and I go into more details of everything that went into the shot of the Grand Prismatic Spring, which you can see below. Enjoy. And let me know if you want to see more videos like this in the future!

Daily Photo – The Grand Prismatic

This place is awesome and huge. Want to know how huge? Look at those people standing there on the boardwalk towards the top. Amazing, eh?

Getting this shot (and all my others!) was no cake walk! But I am happy with the way it turned out. One thing you don’t see in the video is how dirty I got on the way down the mountain when I decided to take a “short cut”. It was a bad idea for both me and my jeans.

The Grand Prismatic

  • Such an eerie place…
    Great shot!

  • Last Saturday I watch the 2012 movie and one of the movie scene is this ‘volcano lake’…and now you bring the yelowstone lake in HDR..Great!!

  • Wow, looks like you have been on another planet.

  • Wonderful photo, and I especially loved your explanation for taking the photo.
    in this fantastic location, combined with your video.
    Small question, she departed you used to get this quality of video image.
    Thank you

  • I really enjoyed this video. It linked me with your photo. Great stuff, like usually (however this photo is not in the 100 favs of mine done by you). Thanks again!

  • Reminds me of home,great work,hope you have recover from the mosquito bites;-)

  • One question about the great! video: what is you’re saying about an “Orc” at 8:45?

  • Don Householder

    Fun video, great shot! Always interesting to see other photog’s and their approaches, (especially your bracketing strategy in this case).

    Oh, note to Patrick Ahles – he’s saying “Government Work” (not “Orc”), a kind of slang American saying usually meaning “up to the minimum requirements of a certain standard”.

  • Fantastic photo. It gives you a sense for how large this place was.

  • @Don, haha, guess I’m in to fantasy a bit too much… 😛

  • Hey Trey I just wanted to point you to PixelatedImage! One of the main men David DuChemin are recommending your book! Huge accomplishment congrats!

  • Wonderful photo of one of the “bigger” hot spots at Yellowstone!!! It is am amazing place. I highly recommend that anyone who has a chance to visit YNP, take the time to really look it all over. There’s much more to it than just the lodge and “Old Faithful”. Sorry about your jeans, Trey. Probably wasn’t a good idea. Funny how shortcuts sometimes turn out that way 😉 . Oh, BTW, while you are in NYC, would you go to the coke store and buy me another glass bottle of diet coke for Christmas, lol. I still have the empty bottle from my visit to NYC in ’97 🙂 . It was sure a fun place to visit. Don’t have toooo much fun while you are there, not that you ever do, lol. Enjoy yourself when you get a chance. And take care of that hand again!!!! How wonderful that more people are recommending your book. I am so looking forward to it!!!! I know, I said that before, lol.

  • Gimpat

    So you actually waited another hour or two with all the mosquitos around you? That’s dedication and the result is great as we can see! Thanks for sharing the info. I will use the historigram in the future.

  • thanks for the video! i love watching “how” you get your composition and your photos to create your beautiful HDR’s! keep ’em coming

  • Bcvammen

    Thank you for the video! I’m always interested in watching valuable info like this! Please keep them coming. Great work.

  • I watched the video!! Excellent job, Trey. All that hill hiking around will keep you young and fit, that’s for sure.

  • casusan

    Awesome video Trey! Interesting – you have alot of patience and stamina! The shot is great – amazing!

  • Just finished watching the video – it was great – the music on it was so good – it was kind of distracting to me…. ( :
    I like the shot but I am thinking that you don’t see the size of it, cause you don’t really notice the people by just looking at the pic. So I am wondering if including some of the surrounding area would have helped in regard to the size of the lake.

  • one more thought on the flip camera (I just got mine):
    I bought a wide angle converter which I can use on the flip camera – this will turn the camera into a more wide angle and it will also help prevent camera shake.

  • Genevieve

    How many lenses did you have with you? Plus the cam, tripod, & flip video? You must have a great backpack! It is very interesting to see what you had to do to get your magnificent shot.

  • Bhanu

    That was a nice video Trey! Haven’t had a chance to wander off in YNP yet, and am really looking forward to go there next spring!

  • Facebook User

    Wow great work! I was with a bunch of people from college, but if I were alone, I totally would’ve made the hike up that hill to get the shot! My boardwalk angles totally don’t do it justice

  • Stuart B

    Fantastic shot. Like the videos very much – would love to see more of them.

  • Jim

    Trey, great shot. Off topic, your HDR Workshop in Tampa, FL. I want to sign up for both days. Will the content be different on both days as to make it worthwhile? Such a good deal and all. I need to book some airfare and was needing your input. Oh yes, my wife is getting me your book for Christmas…. Thanks

  • Mitch Sacks

    Now all we need is the video showing you’re post processing technique!

  • Facebook User

    Loved the video Trey, especially your commentary through it all! 🙂 It was great getting to see how you set up for the photo. I would love to see more videos like this.

  • Facebook User

    So first off great vid and I really hope to see more thanks. And also you set the auto bracketing feature from -5 to 0 instead of -2 to 2 is that normally a preference in bright landscapes? thanks again.

  • Dave Polen

    Trey, great stuff as always!!
    I was in Yellowstone this summer and I climbed that same “hill” as you did.
    I could feel your pain man. lol

  • Brian Bishop

    Trey, another idea for a video would be to set up your video camera and show how you actually process the photos in Photomatix or which ever s/w you use. Hiking and composing and shooting is only part of the battle!

  • Thanks for the comments.

    Jim, The content will be similar, but I will endeavor to use different shots as “demo” shots each day. Since Day 2 will also include new people, I will be going over much of the same important stuff twice… but it is important, so maybe that is okay! 🙂

    FB User – no – I usually just do +2 to -2

    Dave – hehe good!

    Brian – yes – I am working on a whole series of those videos

  • This is super helpful. Thanks for sharing the video of the shot. I look forward to more of this type of stuff. If you’re ever in Dallas (TX), I’d be thrilled to shoot footage of a photo walk or an event!

  • hemlock

    Sensational, hope to see more vids in future… btw what is the music you had playing in the background?

  • loved your grand prismatic tutorial. in february i spent a week snowmobiling in the park shooting from eight thirty til six thirty and got a few good shots. was wondering if you could tell me what is the music playing behind you starting at about five minutes ten seconds into the video. checked your 50 song list and couldn’t find it. would love to get the album from itunes. thanks, linda schenck

  • That is Andreas Vollenweider – Down to the Moon ! I think that is the live version

  • Justin

    Waiting for the wind to change was well worth it. The final result is amazing!! What is in your camera hotshoe in the video?

  • Thanks – That green cube is linked here:

  • This is one of my favorite spots in Yellowstone, I love it. It’s great that you got far enough away to get the whole thing in one shot. And what a shot! So beautiful.

  • Dylan Alvarez

    Wonderful video, these “behind the scenes” vids are really helpful. I definitely want to go to Yellowstone soon, especially after seeing your images from there. Also, could you tell me what was the music that started playing in the background at about ten seconds? I really love those soft. relaxing tunes. Thanks!

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