A Morning at the Secret Lake

The book is “Officially” out

A World in HDR” is officially released! I’d like to thank all of YOU for your inspiration, your support, and being with us all this time. I truly appreciate it.

I understand warehouses are filling up and orders should be shipping any time! For sure, I stayed up all night signing things for the pre-orders that went through this site. My signatures are all real… and not fake stamps like so many others. I walked into a Barnes & Noble tonight here in New York to see if they had my book yet… They say any minute! But, on the way out, I saw Alton Brown’s cookbook that was an “Autographed Copy”. It was so obviously a stamp that was infused into the jacket! Anyway, I am sorry if they got a little messy around 6 AM, but at least you know they are real! I wanted to make sure we got these out to everyone ASAP… it’s important to you, I know, so it’s important to me.

Peachpit is putting the press release out today, so everything is official. You can visit the HDR Book page to order it from all the popular spots. It’s a mass-market distribution, so your favorite bookseller should have it. And, if you already have gotten in and enjoy it, why not pop over to Amazon and give the book a review? We now live in a world that is powered by people like you and your opinions — and I would appreciate that very much!

Daily Photo:  A Morning at the Secret Lake

This was shot in the Andes of Southern Argentina just near the border of Chile.

I spent several hours of hiking in the dark just so I could get to this spot at sunrise. All the darkness in the lower half is the shadow of the mountain behind me as the morning sun rose above it. I was so thirsty from the hike, and had not brought any water with me. Looking on Google Earth beforehand, I knew there was a lake up here and I could fill up… so I got down on my hands and knees and drank like a horse… oh boy that was some good fresh water… You can see my little footprints in the snow there on the left.

A Morning at the Secret Lake

  • hiking with DSLR, lenses, tripod and others..fuhh..I can’t imagine…only true photographer would do such a thing. I sold my first digital camera, its a DSLR look alike but light in weight to a guy who want to go for hiking even though he had a nikon DSLR.

  • Beautiful image!

  • I live in Hawaii. Any idea when the book will arrive (I pre ordered as soon as it was available)?

  • I love how wild these mountains look. This is a great shot.

  • I like the photo, but what I love is the story that draws one to notice the footprints and know what they mean.

  • I agree with Mark, the story really adds to the photo!! Just beautiful, one of my favorites!!! Anxiously awaiting the “BOOK” in Montana, Gail!!

  • prosem

    Hi Trey,

    Very nice image! I have always wanted to ask you, what aperture setting do you use for a shot like this? Do you just crank it up to 32?

  • Thanks everyone!

    Deron – I’m sorry – I have no idea when it will arrive in Hawaii — I am not fully versed on the logistics of the shipping – we have stuff going to over 40 countries around the world — I get email questions all the time — and I just don’t know — my apologies.

  • Very cool. Love the colours and beautiful simplicity

  • Wow, that is a really beautiful shot – looks like something out of a fantasy movie. Excellent!!

  • casusan

    Oh wow! This shot is to die for! Beautiful! Hope the book party is fun tonight!

  • Wassim

    Just your bad luck the sky wasn’t that interesting at all 🙂
    not a tiny passing cloud

  • Facebook User

    Congratulations on the release. I eagerly await my signed copy and may just have to go to my local B&N for an unsigned copy.

    Regretfully I can not make the book signing soire this evening.
    I came down with a not so chic cold on Saturday. Setting noon today to see if I was up to the three hour drive to NYC I confess I am not, and doubtful I will be up to the B&H event. I am sure of crossing paths somewhere in the future.

    Again congratulations, and hopefully someone tres chic gets my slot.

  • I think I will never grow tired of looking at the photos you took during this trek.
    They’re all awesome!

  • Congrats on being published!!!! Can’t wait to see the book !!!

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  • Jim

    Trey, great shot. Off topic, your HDR Workshop in Tampa, FL. I want to sign up for both days. Will the content be different on both days as to make it worthwhile? Such a good deal and all. I need to book some airfare and was needing your input. Oh yes, my wife is getting me your book for Christmas…. Thanks

  • I got the book today! It’s terrific! Thanks for the effort you put into it!

  • Hey Trey – I am using your beautiful HDR photos for a lot of my background screen images in my podcast, the Moxie Mo Show (http://www.moxiemoshow.com) – hope that’s ok. You def got the credit and much deserved!!!

    Moxie Mo

  • Trey…

    After this shot, you can pack your things, go home and die peacefully! (Whenever you knock at the Golden Gate, be sure to take some pictures of it… Maybe they would not be as nice as this one!…)

    Only someone with a special inner soul, sensible, can get the vibration of the moment and produce such a marvelous piece of art!

    I wish my photos would be just 0.000000000000000001% of yours!

    Thanks for the good vibrations!


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