The Moments Between Episode 3: 140 seconds in New York

Upcoming Events and Appearances

I have a few cool events and appearances coming up. The first one is the book party in SOHO in New York this Monday on the 14th. We shut off all invitations, and if you simply must get in, don’t ask me — It’s best to ask the June Arunga, the event organizer. You can contact her at [email protected]

Other Upcoming Events:

  • New York, Dec 15th – B&H Photo Event Room – A Firehose of HDR with Trey Ratcliff.  (Free) More info.
  • Austin, Dec 16th – Smugmug Meeting – Guest Speaker Trey Ratcliff. (Free)  More info
  • Tampa, FL, Jan 16/17 – HDR Workshop with Scott Bourne. (Not Free, but almost) More info.

The Moments Between Episode 3: 140 seconds in New York

The Nikon Festival (please leave comments there too!) is a fun thing where anyone can submit a video of “My Day”.

I recently spent a day in New York and recorded many of the little things I saw in between the moments. The real title, should perhaps be “14 Seconds in New York”, because a lot can happen in those 14 seconds.

For more info on this technique, and to see other videos, visit the “Stuck In Motion” page.

And here are a few of my favorite New York shots:
Central Park  as dusk falls from the top of Rockefeller Center

Afternoon Near Ground Zero

Little Boxes at Night

Times Square Looking Uptown

  • Neboysha Novkovich

    Trey, thank You very much for sharing Your know-how with us. It’s amazing what You achieve with fotos. I’m Your big fan.

  • ihz

    i like the background music, what’s the name of the soundtrack? Your work is as inspiring and awesome as ever! Thanks for sharing

  • Loved the video! Best part was where the dove lifted off the ground and you caught it on film. Great smiles from New Yorkers.

    I’m curious: which dog park did you attend to capture those two doggies playing??

  • Trey
    For the NY Book Launch Party, are those of us who are “Confirmed Guests” on the FB event page all set to get in? Thanks.

  • Havent watched the vid yet, but want to mention the dates you have there say June. Think its a typo.

  • very very cool 🙂

  • Nice photo’s of NYC, Trey. Have fun at your book party there!!! And don’t forget to rest and exercise your poor hand once in a while 😉 . NYC is a fun town, I’m glad I did make it there in ’97!! Saw a lot in a 3 day weekend. Wouldn’t ever get my hubby to go there, though, he hates big cities, lol. But we were both brought up on small farms in Michigan, so we are countryized 🙂 .

  • I love the colors that an HDR photo brings out at night of the big city.

  • Trey,

    For all the night photos, what ISO do you generally fire it at?

    And, even if set to a low ISO do you always see a lot of noise when you try to process it in photomatix? Do you end up using your noise reduction software always?


  • casusan

    Loved the video Trey – wonderful!! Good luck on the contest! Yes I think those first two dates are typos!

  • Thanks!

    Ihz – That music is by Jami Sieber – the song is Hidden Sky

    Eugene – it is the one by the Flatiron bldg

    Sathya – usually at 100 ISO

  • Mark – yes -if you are pre-confirmed in that event, then you are pre-confirmed ! 🙂

  • Facebook User

    Wow!! Now that’s amazing

  • Thanks, Trey. I’ve discovered that while I am a literalist, not everyone else is, so I usually double check.

  • Alex Jagendorf

    Hey Trey, are you doing two B&H events both on the 15th of January and December? B&H says December while you have January here.

  • Alex- it is Dec – that was a mistake !! 🙂

  • sweet mother of god, if you had any question over whether or not HDR can make you throw up just look at the above photos gone bad

  • lol you where trying to steal someones camera!

  • Trey,

    I just booked the Saturday Tampa seminar. I can’t wait!

  • jimmy, sorry about your weak stomach.

  • I went for a 2 day visit to NYC this weekend. Very cold, but I can’t wait to go back. Maybe I should move there.

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