Limited Edition Numbered Prints now on Sale!

Book Update

Well I have been up most of the night signing books and prints from the pre-orders.  I’ve done over 1,000 so far and I am honestly dog-tired!  It’s a priority to get all this done and re-shipped out to our fulfillment company ASAP.  I have gotten countless emails from people wondering where it is!  Hehe… we are working on it as fast as possible…    I’ll put up a behind-the-scenes shot on the Facebook Fan page soon!

You can still order from the “A World in HDR” page, and that will link you to various places online where you can buy the book.  It won’t be autographed or come with a print, I’m afraid, but you will still get a great book!

Limited Edition Numbered Prints now on sale

If you go to the “Buy Prints” area of the website, it links over to our new printing solution.  We have partnered with Really Big Canvas to get collectors and fans something amazing!

We only have 20 prints available, and each one is a limited edition series print run of 250.  After this series is sold out, it will be forever.  I know we have many collectors here, and this is a wonderful way to keep it unique, special, and fun.

Every week we will be adding one more print to the lot.  Those will be Friday events.  For example, you’ll see the Bamboo Forest below, but you will also notice it is not in the store yet…. I think that one is hitting in a few weeks, so get ready!

For the Limited Edition Paper Series, they start as low as $99 for the basic size.  For the Limited Edition Canvas Series, they start at $199, and as you can see from the photos in the Driskill Hotel below (from before the book signing), they are quite wonderful and bold.

On the new website, you can see all sorts of wonderful examples like:

The Prints

The Treetop Temple Protects Kyoto

The Open Road

Miracle in Iceland

The Secret Passageway to the Treasure

Exploring South America

  • You do good work. I hope this new site goes well for you.

  • Good luck with your sales, Trey. All the photos above are excellent examples of your work!!!! I’m sure you will have no problem making sales for Christmas!!!! I help you out a wee bit by sharing your pictures with my 200 friends on facebook ;-). I think you will have a very Merry Christmas, indeed!!!!! Hope all went well for everyone who attended your first book signing party. Best of luck on the next.

  • Eleazar Paradise


    It’s great to see all of this success come your way. However, it seems that every week it’s getting more and more expensive to enjoy your work. $999 for a workshop, $50 for your book, $200 + for your limited edition work that needs to be paid asap or we’ll never get a chance again? It seems the more famous you get the more this seems like HDR becomes a rich man’s sport. I think the regular dude is getting left behind.

  • casusan

    I’ve seen these prints in person – well worth the money!

  • Thanks!

    Eleazar – no worry, all the website, tutorials, and everything are free. I put a lot of time and money into those, and you can continue to have all of that for free… no worries. You don’t have to buy prints or anything — just an option for collectors.

  • bonsoir,
    An amazing serie..Great processing..Bravo!

  • Facebook User

    hello! I’m wondering which is better for a collector, a print or a canvas? And which size really shows these off best (automatically the biggest comes to mind)? Thoughts friends?

  • Priscilla

    Just wanted to say I really enjoy your website. The photos makes me feel as though I have really traveled to that location. I don’t even own a passport and so now I feel like I can actually ‘see’ the world and not just through TV or movies. I can’t afford any of the prints or books or anthything but it is nice to be able to view your art through your website. Thanks 🙂

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