Entering the Forest Alone

All Prints Going Offline – Going Dark

We are changing the way we handle prints here. In the past, we have done what everyone else does, which is dump a ton of prints into an online printing service. I’m not convinced that’s the best way thing for our customers. We are going to do something different and bold, and we are launching in a few days. I think it will be much more meaningful for fans, collectors, and everyone in between.

For now, we are taking all printing options offline. Stay tuned for Friday for the big announcement!

Photoblog Awards – Come Vote

Thanks for all the votes already!  There are just a few days left, so now is the perfect time to vote.  If you do enjoy the images here and think the world should know, then I would certainly appreciate it!

Daily Photo – Entering The Forest Alone

It’s not often I use a zoom lens to do landscape photography (this is 125mm), since the conditions have to be just right (at least, for me).  You do get this strange thing called “compression”, which will be a new concept for people that come here not familiar with photography techniques.  Maybe you have seen this in horror movies…  You know, someone gets some shocking news, and then the camera does this strange thing where it pulls out and the background flexes while the actor remains still.  Well, compression is kind like that, but not really.  But it can bring things in the far distance “forward” to appear bigger than they really are, as is the case with the distant blue forest in this shot from Yellowstone.

Believe it or not, I was so exhausted after I took this shot, I pulled over and slept for two hours in the backseat.  There is nothing worse than waking up, groggy in the backseat of a strange car, and a tripod jamming you in the small of the back.

Entering the Forest Alone

  • Remarkable capture, it draws you in. very nice!

  • I always love all of your photos, but this one looks like you got a bit too creative in Photoshop. Looks like the background was added after the fact. It feels faker than normal.

  • Great shot, Trey! Love to visit this place someday.

  • A very beautiful artistic work with nice composition and more.

  • Fabulous photo!! And good luck with your new launch!

  • Great photo, Trey!! Glad you found that particular spot!! I went to the website and voted. I must have joined last year, so I had to request my login, lol. But I finally got in and voted. Number 131, come people let’s get these votes higher!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope all goes well today and your Mom made it ok!!!!!

  • Lucasdrumz

    Great capture , the ‘tan effect’ on the road gave it a surreal touch!

  • Gives you a feel of being isolated.

  • Just get the feeling I am there right now… HDR rocks!!! again 😉

  • Thanks for the feedback…

    My mom is in town for the book party, so I went through a few unpublished photos last night… she chose this one! 🙂

  • Brad Truxell

    This is great Trey. Love the forest background and perspective.

  • Have a great time tonight. My wife and I will see you in New York on Monday. Great shot as usual.

  • let me guess, the road along fishing bridge?

  • Why go fall asleep in a car when there is forest to track? heh

  • holykemp

    Interesting shot Trey. Out of curiosity since vignetting isn’t normally associated with a telephoto lens, was it added post processing? I do think it works well to enhance the road, but I’m wondering why you chose vignetting over darkening the natural colors of the sky around the corners? Thanks!

  • Thanks!

    CWKen – what do you mean?

    Flaming – I know I know… I was DEAD tired! hehe

    Holykemp – well that 70-200 does vignette a little bit… so, I left it, and kept the sky a bit noisy.. I thought the vignetting helped the “tunnel” feel of the shot a bit.

  • This may be random, I totally apologize if so…but, I love your eye…you take something we see almost every day…and bring it across in an amazing perspective…if I came upon a sight such as this…I would immediately think…’symmetry’…being a painter…but you…you think ‘camera!’…and the results are beautiful…thankyou for sharing your talent…!!

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