The Solitary Lighthouse

Photo-related Christmas Presents

What is everyone getting for Christmas presents this year that are photo-related?  I’m of course asking for a few lenses (started a discussion on the FB Fan page here) — what about you?

Also, I am thinking about ordering a bunch of these eStarling photo frames for my extended family.  They look cool because I can just email them photos and they show up right in their frames… same for movies and stuff.  It seems smart!  Maybe you all have heard of similar internet-enabled easy-to-use frames?

Daily Photo – The Solitary Lighthouse

Icelandic lighthouses are pretty rough places.  Well, I bet any Scandinavian lighthouse must be pretty tough…   and I bet the salty old characters that live in them are tough as nails.  You can see the high icy contrails in the extreme atmosphere… but it seemed like those same icy winds were whipping around at ground-level too.  Once again, I was reminded that I really need to get a good pair of gloves!

I don’t think living in a freezing lighthouse is for me.  Maybe if I had a slanket and high-speed internet, I could take it for a few weeks.  Speaking of slankets and snuggies and stuff…  I heard there was one you can get for air-travel and it has an inflatable neck-pillow inside if it.  I can’t imagine anything quite so pre-meditated… but actually it sounds kind of nice!

The Solitary Lighthouse

  • How I would love to travel to Iceland. Very nice picture, Trey!

  • John

    Sorry, that looks like it’s had a cheesy effect applied to it. Keep it natural.

  • I like it Trey. Looks real enough to me.

  • John

    Then, Mark, you have something seriously wrong with your vision.

  • Suzi

    Love this, Trey!

    John, just a reminder that photography, like all art, is highly subjective. Everyone forms their own opinion, and no one is more “right” than anyone else.

  • Great photo of a lonely lighthouse!!! So different from the ones we have seen here in the states. Several in Michigan, one perported to be haunted, some on the east coast, and now some on the west coast. I love looking at lighthouses and exploring them!!!! Thanks for posting!!

  • This photo gives you a sense of isolation. I know the lighthouse is close to the water, but the angle it was taken at makes me feel like it is out in the middle of nowhere. Nice shot.

  • Trey,
    I was looking at the eStarling frames too. I was concerned about some bad reviews especially on Amazon, but maybe there has been an update to them!

  • Thanks

    Matt – yes it looks like a new line of frames has just come out… they used to have many kinds, but now it looks like a single product line.

  • Trey – thanks for mentioning us in your blog post and considering giving frames as a Christmas gift. With our newest frame we have perfected the ability to e-mail pictures and videos directly to frames and I think your family members will definitely love it!

    Matt – The reviews you have seen on Amazon were from an old frame we produced that we no longer make. The newest frame we offer – the 802.11n Touchscreen Connected Frame – has acknowledged those issues and introduced a whole ton of cool new features to make sharing pictures easier. With Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, RSS Feed, and Gmail integration (and a Twitter client) the newest frame is well-equipped to be the most social networking friendly frame we have ever made. AND with automatic firmware updates, your frame will keep be updated with the newest features and functionality we add long after your frame has been delivered.

  • casusan

    Wonderful shot Trey – I love lighthouses! The sky is awesome!

  • Jack Rice

    Really does have that isolated feel, I’d imagine it’s one of those seemingly unthanked jobs, but I know someone people’d love to live in one – no windows on this one though?

    The processing effect I’m not too sure about, sky doesn’t just quite look right – but I’m liking the general photographic merits of the photo. In the UK we don the red and white striped light-houses, been up a few – great views.

  • Sky,
    Awesome response. I will take your word on it.

  • Looks like an automatic one

  • Those photo frames look pretty sweet. I hope you are getting some sort of endorsement deal with them 🙂

    I really like this picture. I visited a lighthouse not too long ago and took a picture of the spiraling stairwell on the inside of the lighthouse:[email protected]/3840769568/

  • Ben

    Trey, I purchased two of the Estarling frames two years ago for family members. Not a single problem and we frequently email pic’s to the frames when we are on the go with an iPhone. Great gifts – sounds even better if they’ve improved it!

  • Trey, I’d love to have an automated system that grabs your latest beautiful pictures, and puts a small one in my daily post with a link back to stuckincustoms.

    This particular shot has me wide eyed and wistfully looking off to the horizons. Your choice of composition and the angle of the shot really make this a pleasure to view.

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