Your Home At Christmas

Austin Party in a few days!

Soon to be followed by Chicago and New York, I look forward to meeting you at the Austin Launch Party! The Austin one will be extra-great because there is a combined Photowalk where you can win $500 for the best photo of the Driskill at Christmas!

Remember, you don’t have to buy a book or anything… I look forward to meeting and talking whether or not you buy one… no problemo! It’s a typical low-key Austin artsy event… comon down!

Pre-orders for special packages end in a day – time is running out!

We are taking the special HDR Book preorders here on the site until Dec 6th at midnight. If you want the autographed copy or the one with the limited edition print, that is the only way. We will have to cut off special orders after that so that I can get everything signed and re-shipped out! Now, of course, you can still pre-order from Peachpit, Amazon, Borders, and Barnes and Noble — these are all other options for you if you simply want the book.

Your Home At Christmas? It could be!

The publisher was kind enough to send me an early copy that rolled off the printing press. Everything is gearing up! I know you guys wanted me to peel open the book and show you more of the fabulous insides, but you’ll just have to wait!

An HDR Book Sighting In the Wild...

Yours truly, freezing in the desert

On Thursday morning, I woke up at 3:45 AM to go catch the sunrise in the high Nevada desert. One of my friends, Cameron Grant, picked me up at 4 AM to drive out into the wild part of Nevada, straight up a mountain, and into sub-freezing weather. We got out of the car, and I was almost instantly encased in carbonite!

While I was shooting and solidifying in 25 degree weather, Cameron was sneaky in the shadows behind me… he took this photo and then sent it to me, right before he is off to Luxor on an HDR adventure of his own. I wish him well!

Trey at Angle Peak.jpg-1

  • Nice setting for a photo of the book, Trey!! I love it! Can’t wait to get the book. Cameron did a great job of photographing you taking a beautiful photo of the high desert!!!!! Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend, everyone!

  • Right now I would love 25 that seams balmy (LoL). The colors on this photo are great. The simply sunsets without lots of clouds allow you to focus on the landscapes.

  • Carbonite as in the explosive, or Star Wars carbonite? ;.)

    Great capture, Cameron!

  • casusan

    I love this shot of you Trey – guess alot of your mornings are spent like this when shooting – tell Cameron good job!

  • Wow… Nice silhouette.

  • Great shot

  • Thanks!

    Michele – Carbonite as in the Star Wars kind – the most awesome kind!

  • Nice Shot. I know Cammy from Florida. Very cool 🙂 and nice one Cameron!

  • Mike Diblicek

    Hi Trey,

    Great photo from cameron, love the colours.

    All the best


  • Facebook User

    This should definetly be your “memory book”. Spirit, vision, dreams,and technology mingle.

  • Thanks! Yes it came out good… I’ll take more photos of the book too… It is very strange taking photos of the book, but I do have some creative ideas! hehe

  • Jack Rice

    The book looks great, and nice setting – got your decorations up already?

    Really cool silhouette shot there, works really well and of course the amazing colours in the sky, nice.

  • 3:45 am! I must learn to become an early riser or forever miss the potential of the magic hour. When you can, advise us when the Pre-Orders will ship.

  • Lol yah it does get cold out there… I am from vegas and used to wonder all over the place. It was always fun to take somebody out and they would be so surprised it got cold like that in the desert… great shot and lovely colors

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