The Harleyfest on 6th Street – Do People See the World Differently?

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Daily Photo – The Harleyfest on 6th Street

This is one of the best times in Austin for HDR Photography!  I really think it’s perfect perfect conditions to really show off what this style of photography can do.  Long exposures just don’t do the trick.  The wonderful thing about being there is that the human eye really can see all these colors and light levels at the same time.  At least… to those of us that see like this.  I’m convinced that after talking to countless groups that not everyone “sees” in the same way.  It’s not that one way is better than another – just different. What do you think?

The Harleyfest on 6th Street - Do People See the World Differently?

  • i really love these shots, and i envy you for events like this, sadly we don´t have these kind of bikes around here.
    Nice shot as always!

  • Ann Courtney

    Hmmmmm – not sure on this one, but then being a lover of chrome on bikes I like to seen it polished and shining as opposed to bathed in blue!

  • Wow, amazing color on the bikes!!! I’m not a motor cycle fan as far as riding them, but some of them are really beautiful!! As far as being able to see all those colors, I’ll have to start paying more attention, especially at night, to the colors. I think we take our sight for granted a lot!!! Thanks for sharing, Trey!!

  • I love the colors on the bikes. I am not convinced that we see the same way as an HDR looks, but I do like the look of HDR.

  • Awesome work as always! I love seeing motorcycles all lit up. Maybe you should invent some HDR glasses to help people see the world this way! haha I’ve been shooting more HDR lately and it definitely changes the way you see things. Have a great weekend!

  • Excellent image Trey. I have to say this image looks about how I would probably have seen it. Nice.
    I do think that everyones eyes see differently, as you suspect. I also think that our preconceived ideas and previous influences dictate how we “let ourselves see”. Remember how just five or six years ago, everyone was up in arms about digital vs. film? Something like HDR, it will still be a few years until it gets the widespread recognition as “true photography”. It IS getting there! Thats my two cents.

  • Uh…those aren’t Harley’s. Looks more like a row of Kawasaki Vulcans.

  • Wow, what a fantastic photo! CoooooooOooOoOool!!
    No doubt, you are professional! =)

  • casusan

    Cool shot Trey!

  • Cool shot as always!

    In every field imaginable there are purists. I have read forum threads from HDR purists that think that HDR should only be used as a technical means, not as creative means.
    Of course, with HDR there is always the danger to overdo it. There is a very thin area between “over the top” and “just good”. Hitting this thin area is that which makes an HDR picture “outstanding” IMHO.
    A small change in one parameter during post-processing or during the shoot can make the decisive difference.

  • Thanks for the feedback… interesting to see your comments!

  • Awesome shot, my first time seeing light bikes!

    On the topic of seeing in HDR I would probably find myself from the “normal” side simply because I love the extreme contrasts. So I’d count it to be a placebo effect of me actually wanting to remember it like that. But to counter my own argument I find that especially night shots benefit greatly from HDR to bring out more information on all the amazing little details visible at night for the human eye.

    Thanks for keeping the topic up, I’ve become a fan! Now if only we had something inspiring in Finland to shoot at:)

  • I have personally always pondered the question:

    “Is the color I see as blue the same color you see, or is my blue your green?”

    Or something like that. It is quite possible that the human eye is different in each person and that the colors we see are not the same.

  • awestruck .. simply mind blowing !

  • Mike

    An interesting comic book look, but a good example of HDR gone wrong. Borders on grotesque.

  • Mike

    In fact, the more I look at this, the less I like it. Too much cold blue…too much unbalance…to much color distortion.

  • Absolutely incredible. Great effect. This is one type of image where you just cannot overdo it. Way to go!

  • Super cool shot! The metal of the bikes is awesome.

  • Jack Rice

    A mixed response about this one, I personally do like it though. I think this is how I would’ve seen it with my eyes, except of course the light trails from the passing cars 😛 overall, it’s nice – maybe a bit too much ghosting on the people, but the bikes are nice.

  • Those are “I wish I had a Harley Instead of a cheap copy.”

  • Anonymous

    Like the cool color blue on the bikes.

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