A Final Sunset

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Daily Photo – A Final Sunset

There is that languishing pain of the final day of an amazing trip. You know the feeling. It’s the old, “Man, this sucks… I have to leave tomorrow…” feeling. I was trying not to think that while I shot this final sunset in Argentina. Truthfully, I was thankful for the clouds and the perfect light.

A Final Sunset

  • I know exactly what you’re talking about – I also dislike this “have-to-leave-feeling”.
    Great shot as always!

  • Leaving before you want to is always hard. Thanks for the nice sunset.

  • Very beautiful sunset, indeed!!!! As much as I enjoy our trips and seeing the countryside, I’m always glad when we get back home. There’s just no place like home, where ever that may be. Thanks for sharing your last sunset in Argentina!!!!

  • casusan

    Oh wow! Beautiful sunset Trey – dreamy looking and love the reflections clouds and colors!

  • sunset or sunrise perfect for HDR…and it will make a forget all your problem when you look at it..

  • Thanks y’all… sometimes with a pretty sunset it can be kind of easy I feel like… like a cute cat!

  • Great mood!

  • Jack Rice

    Nice finale shot, always is hard to leave those amazing places – but a nice end to the trip I’m sure.

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