A Lonely Prayer at the Crypt

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Daily Photo – A Lonely Prayer at the Crypt

The entire labyrinthian network of crypts in Beunos Aires was lonely and eerie. For a few moments, I thought I saw a ghostly nun floating between the marble and granite tombs. And then I came around a corner, and saw her deep in prayer. I hung back a little before snapping a quick photo.

The Passing

  • Sick man! There is a lot of emotion in this photo! Good story behind the lens.

  • Rob

    Trey, you say snapping a quick photograph – does this mean this isn’t a multi-image HDR, and if so how have you got such a great effect. Cheers …

  • Very good photo that depicts the woman’s sadness while visiting a loved one. As Zak says, good story behind the lense. Happy Sunday, enjoy.

  • Too bad that the feet are cut off. I am also thinking cropping would make the image stronger. I am also wondering if this is a HDR generated from a single frame or multiple frames.

  • Facebook User

    I’m just as curious as the others here, Trey. Is this a single image HDR or multi-image? I would also assume this was hand held?

    No matter what the answers, this is another great photo Trey!

  • Thanks – glad you like this one too

    Rob (and others) – yes, this is a single-image HDR

  • I have been in these types of cemeteries many time. You have captured the mood perfectly.

  • casusan

    Wonderful image Trey – you captured the mood!

  • Rob

    Thanks for clearing that up Trey, and what a fantastic image – you are an inspiration to all of us. I’ve only recently ‘discovered’ your site, and it’s now the first site I look at every day. Can’t wait to get your book and get a better understanding of your technique. Cheers, Rob.

  • Jack Rice

    Agreeing with everyone else, really is a meaningful photo this one. Nice little story behind it also, though it’s odd how those great deeply emotional, relgious and sacred areas are very much juxtaposed with buildings that are less taseful, such as those the path draws your eye up to. To maybe agree with Birgit, cropping might’ve made it a big stronger, nonetheless – nice single RAW HDR.

  • Fabulous image. Having not been to a place like this, it seems very “other worldly” to me. Take a look, there is not a single living thing besides the woman! No plant, tree, flower. Way to go to capture this moment.

  • Martobe

    I cried there too.
    That tomb made so many of us argies cry this year.

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