The Crash of the Surf

Charity Stuff Going Nicely

Just recently, I announced that a percentage of all book profits are going to Kiva.  So far, we’ve gotten over $1,900 from Team Stuck In Customs, so that is great!  You can find out more on the charity page or a recent post on the Kiva blog.

Holiday Gift Guide for Dads

Thanks to Cali at Geekbrief.TV on her recent Holiday Gifts episode for the nice things she said about the website here.  She mentioned the “Stuck in Motion” page here on the site.  And YES, I do have a new video coming soon!  I am thinking about debuting it at the Austin Book Party launch on December 9th.

Daily Photo – The Crash of the Surf

While driving down 17-mile drive a few weeks ago, I stopped for a while to go on a little beach hike! While there, I found this little area…. I set up for a while to see what rolled in!

The Crash of the Surf

  • Looking at the photo….it become a fantasy imagination if only with a mermaid lying on the rock.. 🙂

  • Beautiful!
    I like the combination of colors and the dynamic element of the crashing wave in the setting.

  • Hi Trey,

    Lovely Photo, with some great detail if you look at the original.

    All the best


  • What a beautiful scene, Trey!!! I agree with all of the above. This goes in my favorites pile!!! I love all rock formations, big and small. And the surf crashing into the rocks is a bonus!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  • I love the rocks and water together. The colors are fantastic. Most of all I love the action of the scene.

  • Brad Truxell

    This is really awesome, different from your usual style. Love it though! Is this multiple exposures? Have a great Thanksgiving!

  • casusan

    Wonderful shot Trey – love this – perfect shot of the Pacific Coast!

  • Another great image! Beautiful blend. You are such a master of this technique. Truly a pleasure to see.

  • Facebook User

    question to the technique: Obviously a multiple shot would have given different water situations. So is it a multiple with a lot of de-gosting or just from a single RAW?

  • Thanks all!

    Brad – yes this was 5 exposures — and yes Facebook User – you might know from my tutorial that I often mask in part of an original Raw

  • Looks good to me too, especially since I know exactly where this is! Have a happy Thanksgiving!


  • Suzi

    Hey, I recognize that spot! I’ve shot this rock a few times myself. Very nice, Trey. And how cool to see my other favorite photographer, Patrick Smith, commenting!

  • Facebook User

    Thanks, Trey.
    This is helpful for my own attempts. It’s all good to know and to try – but to see it done is a lot better 😉 More motivating, too!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Nice capture.

    Trey, did you think about coming closer to the waves? It looks like if you made a few hops on those rocks, you could have gotten to that huge rock at center! Then you could have captured some splashing waves, kind of like this and this!

  • Jack Rice

    Good to hear the charitable affairs are going well.

    A different style of photographing a scene like this than most other photographers, though what else to expect of course 😛

    Captures the scene well and the action happening, though I’d have to admit not really one of my favourites. Nonetheless, nice shot.

  • Super!

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